Executive Breath of Fresh Air Unique Leadership Retreat Fresh Air & Fresh Ideas Just Say "Take Me There"!

Executive Breath of Fresh Air Unique Leadership Retreat Fresh Air & Fresh Ideas That’s what Take Me There is all About

Are you the CEO of a small to medium sized company and looking for day to get away with your executive staff for planning or strategizing?

Take Me There offers a unique leadership retreat and the perfect opportunity for this kind of corporate idea-making, strategy planning, goal shaping experience.

Gather your senior leadership team together for a unique leadership retreat, a day at sea

Gather your senior leadership team together for a day at sea aboard Take Me There engaging in rich conversations around human flourishing, healthy organizational cultures, the importance of being a transformational leader who serves the best interests of others, and many more leadership philosophies that will challenge your current ways of thinking.

Unique Leadership Retreat

This day at sea will breathe new life into your corporate strategies as Kimberly WOWs you with her insights and leaves you with clear recommendations to enrich the success of your business. Her focus on human behaviors will assist you in identifying the behaviors that are helping your business and those behaviors that are hindering your business from reaching its full potential. She is known best for her statement, “What you tolerate becomes your standards.” Learn what you may be tolerating within yourself and others that is blinding you to achieving your ultimate success. One day in deep discussions with Kimberly will leave you with hundreds of nuggets to take back to your organization.

If you are looking at your business and thinking “I think there is something missing” or “There must be more” Kimberly will help you uncover what’s missing.

We all need time away from the office to open our minds to new ideas, and what better place to have an offsite executive retreat than on a sailboat. The fresh air will invigorate you and the fresh ideas will inspire you to change.

A full day of professional facilitation for up to 6 people aboard Take Me There including food, refreshments, handouts and leadership guidance with executive coaching is $3000.

Did we tell you about Kimberly’s previous responsibilities as owner of a successful leadership consulting company?

Kimberly founded InterWeave Corporation in 2000 to help companies focus on the behaviors that promote a flourishing culture led by transformational leaders.

Kimberly holds a B.S. in Organizational Management, a Master’s in Servant Leadership, and a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership with a focus on human flourishing.

Her clients included US Bank, Verizon Wireless, Liberty Mutual, HSN, Duke Energy and many more. Under her professional facilitation guidance companies benefited from lower incidences of employee accidents, higher employee retention, increased revenue, increased customer satisfaction, and ultimately higher profit margins.

The mission of InterWeave was to “unite people, identify opportunities, and implement change to enhance customer relationships”; and this mission lives on today through her new endeavor with Steve to “enrich lives through exceptional experiences” aboard Take Me There.