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3 Top Food Staples We Can’t Live Without Aboard Take Me There

top food staples we can't live without

3 Top Food Staples We Can’t Live Without Aboard Take Me There

Hi Take Me There Sailing friends! Our mission aboard TMT is “enriching lives through exceptional experiences” and one of the ways we achieve this mission is by tantalizing your tastebuds and introducing you to new foods and drinks that you may not have tried before. We also strive to promote Florida-made products and businesses. (Even better if it’s a small business that we can give a shout out to). So here is a quick peek at a few of the delights that we enjoyed onboard this week. If you are a foodie- then this info is just for you!

  1. One of the 3 top food staples we can’t live without is seafood! Nothing says Florida like a seafood meal and we certainly do love our seafood aboard Take Me There. Appetizers like shrimp cocktail and shrimp ceviche, a lunch that includes crab salad, and a dinner of sauteed scallops are just some of our favs and one of the 3 top food stables we can’t live without. We would not be able to serve these spreads without the assistance of Punta Gorda’s own Fresh Catch. In addition to their seafood, one of the other items that have recently gained a lot of attention on our charters is the sauces. And what else would you call a company that makes seafood seasonings? Of course, Florida Seafood Seasonings, based in Wesley Chapel, Florida. They are perfect as an alternative to cocktail sauce for your shrimp cocktail and scrumptious on scallops. My favorite is the Mango Wasabi sauce, but the Stone Crab Sauce is a close second! (It’s also worth noting that we have looked at many stores for these sauces, and have only found them at Fresh Catch).

So what comes next after a great dinner? Dessert of course!

  1. The second of the 3 top food staples we can’t live without are desserts! For those of us who live in Florida, we may take Publix for granted. But for those of our guests who may have just moved here or are visiting from out of state, Publix is a little-known entity- but something we just can’t live without aboard Take Me There- especially the bakery! A few weeks ago, we hosted a family aboard and enjoyed a different Publix bakery cake every night of their stay! We are all about ending our charters with a tasty dessert and Publix enables us to provide one of the top food staples we can’t live without- fresh, delicious sweets. One of the desserts that seems to get the biggest raves is their gluten-free chocolate torte. (It may be gluten-free but it is definitely not sugar-free or calorie-free). It is absolutely scrumptious with a bit of whipped cream and a few fresh strawberries. It just melts in your mouth!

And now that I’ve tempted you with a meal and dessert, what comes next in our list of top food staples we can’t live without? A good drink! And lately we have a new favorite from another fun and successful Florida business- Fort Myers Brewing company.

  1. The third of our top food staples we can’t live without is not quite a food- but rather a beverage. And unlike that chocolate torte that I’ve tempted you with, Spyk’d hard seltzer by Fort Myers Brewing contains 0 sugar and 0 carbs. Woohoo!! I personally have three favorite flavors- mojito, pineapple, and lemon-lime. Add a slice of lime or an orange wedge and it’s the perfect refreshment on one of our hot Florida afternoons. And with 0 sugar and 0 carbs, it is also the perfect drink for folks who are diabetic or watching their summertime figures.

These are just a few of the top food staples we can’t live without that help us to create exceptional experiences for our customers. We are always looking for new tastes to introduce to our guests and items to add to our list of top food staples we can’t live without. Do you have a product that we should have onboard? Let us know! We look forward to seeing you onboard for your next special event. Just say TAKE ME THERE!

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