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The Story of Take Me There

The Story of Take Me There

The story of Take Me There.

We all have a story, right?  Well, our story happens to include a boat. As we bring our website live and we start taking reservations for charters, I thought some of you might like to know the history behind Take Me There. We believe in building relationships, and the way to build a relationship is to get to know the other person. So grab something to drink, kick back and enjoy the story of how Take Me There came to be…

I’ll start by taking you back to July 30, 2011 when Steve and I got married. The following year, after taking a cruise for our first anniversary, Steve confessed to wanting a boat. It was certainly something that I never would have seen in my future, but if Steve wanted a boat, a boat he would have. And the more I thought about it, the more I could picture us enjoying afternoons on Tampa Bay in a little 20 foot sailboat. Imagine my surprise when I came home one day to find Steve looking at 75 foot sailboats! I could see that we were going to have to compromise. After about 4 months of traveling around Florida looking at boats for sale, we came across this one- a 1975 53 foot GulfStar Motor Sailer. A family of 6 had lived on this boat for about 10 years. It was worn, but greatly loved. With three cabins, 2 bathrooms with separate shower enclosures, 16 feet wide, with a washer/dryer combination, a spacious cockpit, and a few other extras that Steve really wanted, we knew that we had found our new weekend enjoyment.

And enjoy we did! Steve had a project to tinker with, and I had a place to lounge, read, and relax. For two years, we enjoyed day sails, weekend trips and a few week-long adventures in the Tampa Bay area. Take Me There became the perfect weekend getaway spot for us.

In 2014 when Steve retired from the Army, he was offered a consulting job that would require us to move to the DC area. It was actually my bright idea to sail the boat from Florida to the Potomac River and turn Take Me There from a weekender to a liveaboard boat. The stern became the perfect spot for my garden of tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers, while the cockpit became the perfect nesting spot for me to work on my Ph.D. dissertation. After three winters and a completed doctoral degree, we decided that we were done living where it snowed. It was time to move on to warmer climates.

Take Me There was about to make another transition. After living aboard in a marina with both cars at our disposal, we were about to make a significant change. We relocated our cars to our home in Florida, pulled away from the dock and became full-time cruisers. I learned how to provision enough to feed us for 4 monthsat a time, how to bake bread and many other useful skills that come in handy when you live full-time on the water. We increased the number of batteries onboard to increase our power capacity, reacquainted ourselves with the water maker so we could convert salt water to fresh water and off we went. Down the East Coast and on to the Bahamas. While Steve was thriving in our nomadic lifestyle, I felt a bit homesick. Much to Steve’s disappointment, it was important to me to bring Take Me There back to Tampa, close to our land home and convert her back to being a weekender.

But our lives had changed since we first bought Take Me There in 2012. We had aging parents and a young granddaughter who needed our attention. And my consulting business was still in full swing and clients around the country needed leadership assistance. Take Me There wound up spending over a year parked at a dock with very little love or attention and it seemed that the right move was to put her up for sale.

By mid-2019, Steve seemed a little lost without being at the helm of Take Me There. We had a few lookers come to the dock, but Steve was not too excited at the proposition of letting Take Me There go. Them in mid-August, I had a vivid dream. I awoke startled and yet peaceful that what we needed to do was close down my consulting business and begin a new business venture together with Take Me There at the core. We would pull Take Me There out of the water for a complete renovation and turn her into a professional sailing charter boat. Take Me There was about the embark on the biggest transition in her 44 years. She was no longer going to be only for us, she was now going to be available for others to enjoy. Masts were removed, sails were repaired, rigging was redone, additional lighting was installed, walls were replaced and bathrooms were updated; not to mention new beds, bedding, linens, and all the extras. The biggest conversion occurred in the galley. Since we are offering food and drink aboard, we are required to be licensed as a full-service restaurant. The old appliances were removed, and all new appliances were installed to meet restaurant health and safety standards. Easier said than done! But we did it!

2020 marked a pivitol time for Take Me There and for us. It has been a long year in the boatyard with Take Me There being at the center of the construction. Now its time to have some fun! We are excited (and ready) to have the opportunity to share Take Me There with others and we are looking forward to hosting people aboard and making new friends.

So now you know a bit of Take Me There‘s story. Let us be a part of your story. Whether you are popping the question, planning a honeymoon, need  time away with friends, or are celebrating a special occasion- Come sail with us, because you deserve exceptional!

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  1. Carl Bradshaw
    Carl Bradshaw says:

    What a great story!!! We lived in Woodbridge for five-years, and at Langley AFB one-year. Carl spent more time in the Pentagon than he wanted. He retired Nov. 1997.

    So excited to sail with you. Hoping for calm weather!

    Kindest regards,

    Anji Bradshaw


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