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Making your vacation meaningful

4 Tips for Making Your Vacation Meaningful

It’s time to plan your next vacation (and of course we want you to book a charter aboard Take Me There for your next vacation!), but if you decide to do something other than a sailing charter, we really hope you’re thinking about making your vacation meaningful.

making a vacation meaningful aboard take me there

Meaningful? What’s that? You’re right- most people do not think about meaningful as a way to describe their vacation. Most of the time people choose to think about having a fun vacation, a relaxing trip, or an adventurous journey. Meaningful is not usually the first word that comes to mind. So why should you care about making your vacation meaningful?

Making your vacation meaningful is really all about planning a trip that makes an impact on your life, has a lasting impression on others’ lives (especially your children), and has the potential to change you. The added bonus is that by making your vacation meaningful you usually end up having more fun, being more relaxed, and making more positive memories.

Ok, so that describes what a meaningful vacation is, but WHY should you care about making it meaningful? Great question! Wherever you go and whatever you do on vacation, you are going away for a reason, right? You are usually taking a vacation to see new sights, escape from the current routine, visit with family and friends, or just rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Whatever the reason you are taking a vacation, why not get the most out of the time and money that you are investing in this trip?

Making your vacation meaningful elevates the perceived worth of your vacation (Wouldn’t you like all your vacations to be worth a million dollars?), increases the significance of the experiences in your life (Isn’t it great that your kids talk about certain vacations years later?), and has the potential to transform that way you think about things or interact with the world (Wouldn’t it be amazing to come back from vacation with new perspectives?)

So now that you have an idea of what a meaningful vacation is and why you would be interested in making your vacation meaningful, now let’s look at HOW to do it.

Many other folks who write about making vacations meaningful come from the perspective of the activities to engage in that would make your vacation meaningful like going on a mission trip, spending time in nature, engaging with people in different cultures, or buying products that are locally made. My perspective on making your vacation meaningful comes from within yourself rather than what you choose to do. Whether you choose to go hiking, visit new cultures, be with nature or take the kids to Disney World, making a meaningful vacation will enhance your fun factor, and change the way you look at many activities in your life, not just how you take a vacation.

Here is a bit of background on the origin of these 4 tips for making a meaningful vacation. For the last 7 years, I have created an intention to guide my thoughts and perspectives during that year. I set the intention on January 1 each year, and then let that intention guide me as I move through the events of that year. It has been uncanny how each of these intentions almost seemed to be a premonition or a divine inspiration of what was needed to survive and thrive during that upcoming year.

meaking a meaningful vacation by creating intentions

For example, when I determined my 2020 intention to Create Balance, I had no idea that we would be facing the world COVID pandemic and there would be an urgent emotional need to create a balance between staying safe and maintaining connections with family and friends. Or the balance that was needed when Steve and I were renovating Take Me There at the same time that my dad was dying of cancer. Repeating the intention to Create Balance over and over reminded me to not make decisions that were so lopsided that I forgot the importance of the other responsibilities and passions in my life.  This intention, as with all the other year’s intentions, helped me to remain mindful of my thoughts, deliberate in my actions, and grounded in my goals.

When we took our two-month RV vacation this past summer, I had plenty of downtime to reflect and allow my mind to wander in ways that I don’t usually get to. The last several years’ intentions kept coming to mind as we really immersed ourselves in the delights of new places and visiting with family and friends. After returning home, I realized how meaningful this trip was to us and our family and how the past few years’ intentions were the guiding principles of making our vacation meaningful. We hope you find these tips helpful as you move toward making meaningful vacations for you and your family.

making a meaningful vacation by enjoying a place of peace

1. Find Joy – In 2015, my grandmother died and my world was forever changed. Even though I was 49 years old, age does not matter when you lose someone important to you. I was not only sad, I felt lost, insignificant, and guilty that I was enjoying life without my grandmother. I was in a dark and gloomy place. My 2016 intention was to Find Joy to help me reevaluate my feelings about my grandmother’s death and to help me find joy in my life again.

When we were on vacation this past summer, there were things that happened that I did not plan for that had the potential to make me feel frustrated, rushed, or disappointed.  Reservations were unexpectedly canceled, it rained on days that we planned to be outside, and plans were suddenly changed. By reminding myself to Find Joy, I was able to divert my attention away from potential disappointments and refocus on new delights.

Finding joy in order to make a vacation meaningful

We ended up jumping in mud puddles, tasting new dishes at unknown restaurants, and discovering waterfalls that were off the beaten path. Possible disappointments were not even on the horizon, but instead, surprising joys were found. The process of staying focused on finding unforeseen joys created amazingly meaningful memories. Are there moments when finding joy would have contributed toward making your vacation meaningful?

2. Make Space – In 2014, 3 years after we got married, Steve and I moved from our 2500 square foot house into Take Me There, 420 square feet. I’m not going to lie, living in closer quarters was a huge adjustment. Tighter living spaces were a clear physical reminder that we needed to make space for each other. But making space was bigger than our physical dwelling. My 2015 intention to Make Space inspired me to make space for more of Steve’s unconventional ideas, his hobbies, and his opinions.

When on vacation, it’s easy for one person to drive the events of the day and the others to tag along just to be together. Allowing everyone in the group to choose an event, a restaurant, or an activity prompts us to compromise, exposes us to different things, and motivates us to prioritize the ideas of the people that are important to us. Making Space for everyone’s plans and passions supports making your vacation meaningful so that everyone feels included and an important part of the vacation planning. Making space means putting the ideas of others ahead of your own and allowing their ideas to take priority. Are there moments during your vacations when making space for others’ wishes would have made for a meaningful vacation?

Make space in order to make a vacation meaningful

3. Create Balance – I’ve already mentioned the personal background of Creating Balance in 2020. During our two-month vacation this past year, we recognized the importance of creating balance when we were going 90 miles an hour day after day exploring new places that we had not seen before. It’s no wonder we were exhausted at the end of the day. This exhaustion left us with little energy to enjoy quiet time with each other. After many days of exploring to the point of near lifelessness, we realized we were checking a lot of sights off our list, but we were not really finding the joy in the experience.

Creating Balance reminded us that we needed to set priorities for each day as to the most important sights or events and allocate time for rest, and quiet time. Extending yourself and your family to the point of collapse is not only not fun but can leave you irritable or short-tempered, which can ultimately lead to undesirable memories. This naturally detracts from making your vacation meaningful.  Reminding yourself to create balance prompts you to set priorities which include rest and downtime.

Creating balance in order to make a vacation meaningful

4. Be Still- Being still is my current intention for 2022. As somewhat of an extreme extrovert, my mind, my mouth, and my body work overtime. I am constantly thinking of the next thing I’m going to do or say. Sometimes an overactive mind (and mouth) is not always a good thing. I find that I can often interrupt people or spend more time thinking about what I am going to say rather than listening to what others are saying. This intention has been so beneficial to me.

Prompting myself to Be Still gives me the permission I need to shut off my brain, my body, and my voice. I can allow myself to enjoy the tranquility found in stillness. I don’t need to fill in every empty space of time in a conversation with endless chatter or fill up every moment of the day with activities. I can just be still. I must admit that it is often difficult to do this.

Making a vacation meaningful and intentional by being still

Have you ever been so busy with work, family, home life, volunteering, and all your other responsibilities that you have trouble shutting things off? Do you find that the first few days of vacation are difficult because your mind is still focused on work or other obligations? Do you ever feel guilty because you feel like you are “doing nothing”? Being still is not “doing nothing”. It is knowingly respecting the space that lies between. The space between two people, two events, two thoughts, or two entities. There is something freeing about being still. In yoga, this concept is known as savasana, a time to let go of the distractions of the body and simply rest. And isn’t resting our soul what making a meaningful vacation is all about?

Sometimes, it seems that we return from vacation feeling more worn out or depleted than when we left. A meaningful vacation focused on finding joy, making space, creating balance, and being still found us feeling rejuvenated and connected when we returned home from vacation. How do these tips resonate with you? How do you think that focusing on these tips would make your vacation meaningful? We hope you enjoy making your vacation meaningful! We’d love to hear all about it!


caribbean cole slaw

Delicious Caribbean Cole Slaw for July 4th Picnics

What’s a sailing charter trip without a yummy lunch that includes Caribbean Cole Slaw? You guessed it, I’m writing about food aboard Take Me There again. Happy July 4th everyone! And while we are partying on the water, many of you will probably be prepping for picnics and barbecues.  And what is a good picnic lunch without some delicious Caribbean Cole Slaw to go with it? Are any of you wondering why I call it Caribbean Cole Slaw? So glad you asked!

As many of you know, Steve and I traveled through the Bahamas in 2018. Before that trip, I had all these grand ideas of all the fresh fruits and vegetables we would be enjoying while sailing through the Bahamas. NOT!! Little did I know until we started researching and provisioning for that trip, there are only two fruits that are indigenous to the Bahamas – papayas and coconuts. All other fruits and vegetables must be imported. And if it’s imported, it is hard to get and expensive when you find it.

So I learned to prepare dishes with what was available. And there was plenty of papaya and plenty of coconuts. What could I make with papaya and coconut? Well, cabbage was always readily available and relatively inexpensive, so let’s try putting those ingredients together and see what we come up with. The next thing you know, we were eating Caribbean Cole Slaw with our sandwiches for lunch. But this recipe is especially good with your fish tacos. YUM!  Are you ready for the 8 ingredients to make this delicious Caribbean Cole Slaw?  Here goes!

Dry Ingredients

  • 4 cups chopped red cabbage
  • 2 large carrots, shaved
  • 2 cups diced papaya (You can also use chopped pineapple, mango, apples or grapes)
  • ½ cup craisins (I use the reduced sugar ones)
  • ¼ cup, plus 1 tablespoon of shaved Coconut (You can use dried unsweetened coconut in the bag)


  • 1/4 cup mayonnaise
  • 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
  • 1/4 cup brown sugar

As with any recipe that I make, I always encourage others to use more or less of any ingredient that makes your mouth sing. If you like more carrots, then add more. If you like a sweeter taste, then add more papaya (or whatever fruit you are using). Of course, what completely sets this Caribbean Cole Slaw apart from other cole slaw recipes is the coconut.

So grab all your ingredients, and let’s start putting together your first batch of Caribbean Cole Slaw.

Let’s start with the dressing:

As far as the dressing goes, I whip the 1/4 cup mayo and 1/4 cup brown sugar together with the 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar in a small food processor to ensure that the brown sugar fully blends with the mayo and apple cider vinegar. I like my dressing smooth, not granular. I make the dressing first so it can fully set and the liquid melts the brown sugar to aid in the creaminess. Once blended together, put it in the refrigerator while you mix the other ingredients in your Caribbean Cole Slaw.

Now for the salad:

Tear off the outer layer of leaves on your head of red cabbage and then cut off about 5 slices of the cabbage. Largely chop those slices of red cabbage and put them into your mixing bowl. This will give you about 4 cups (give or take)

caribbean cole slaw red cabbagecaribbean cole slaw chopped cabbage

Shave two large carrots and then chop the shavings so they are also bite-sized. I like to shave my carrots first because I do not want the crunch of hard carrots in my Caribbean Cole Slaw. By shaving first and then dicing, you will get a subtler taste of the carrots and an easier texture.

caribbean cole slaw shaved carrots

Cut your papaya in half and scoop out the seeds. Depending on the size of your papaya, you may only need 1/4 of it. Slice it in order to make it easier to peel it. Once peeled, then you can dice it. Be sure to choose a papaya that is ripe but firm. You do not want your papaya turning into mush when you stir the ingredients together. If I want a sweeter taste, instead of papaya, I use pineapple. I choose apples if I want more crispiness to my Caribbean Cole Slaw. By the way- my go-to choice for the type of apple is Honeycrisp. They are firm and sweet. If I am using apples, I remove the peel and dice them.

caribbean cole slaw diced papaya

Toss in ½ cup of craisins. But feel free to add more if you like the texture and sweetness that craisins add to your salad.

caribbean cole slaw without dressing

Mix ¼ cup shaved coconut with the other dry ingredients. The extra tablespoon of shaved coconut is reserved for after the dressing has been added and used to sprinkle on top. If you like the texture of coconut, you can choose to add more, but I find that ¼ cup plus a tablespoon to sprinkle on top of this Caribbean Cole Slaw is all I need.

So now that the five salad ingredients are in the mixing bowl, it’s time to mix it all together. Then grab your dressing from the refrigerator and pour it over your salad. After you have mixed the dressing with the salad, then you can sprinkle the tablespoon of shaved coconut over the top.

caribbean cole slaw with dressing

VOILA! There is your first batch of Caribbean Cole Slaw. Be sure and drop me a comment and let me know how it turns out.

Remember- if you don’t feel like making it yourself, you can always book a charter aboard Take Me There and ask us to add it to your menu. Just say Take Me There!

We hope all of you have a happy and safe July 4th holiday.


private sailing instruction

Private Sailing Instruction now available aboard Take Me There

Take Me There Sailing continues to add amazing new experiences for our clients to enjoy!  We are now proud to offer private sailing instruction as part of Take Me There’s unrivaled reputation for Enriching Lives through Exceptional Experiences! Our new private sailing instruction programs are as high-quality as our charter reputation.  As a sailing school that offers private sailing instruction, we provide the same special attention and high-quality engagement with our students as we do with our private charter clients.

Captain Steve Mitchell aboard Take Me There


There are 4 reasons why you would want private sailing instruction through Take Me There Sailing:

  1. Perhaps you’d like to charter a bareboat? Do you meet the 4 core requirements of licensing, sailing-resume, experience, and credentials? If not, private sailing instruction through Take Me There will help you achieve the International Sailing Licensing and Credentials (SLC) so you can book your bareboat charter and leave that expensive captain behind.
  2. Are you already a sailor but you need more practice in close or complicated sailing situations which you would like to be more comfortable with? Some of the following may hit home for you
  • Are you uncomfortable or fearful when you think about certain sailing conditions?
  • Do you wonder if you could effectively manage a man-overboard drill on a big boat?
  • Are you getting ready to cruise and you would like to apply navigation knowledge to cruising scenarios? These (and much more) would all be addressed in your private sailing instruction.
  1. Are you a busy professional? (Who isn’t!) With private sailing instruction, you can choose the schedule that works best for you to fit these valuable sailing skill opportunities into your challenging schedule.
  2. Have you shied away from private sailing instruction in the past because you feel like you have a unique learning style or just don’t feel as though traditional learning environments fit your needs? This is another great reason to choose Take Me There, and NauticEd, for your private sailing instruction. Everything we do is customized to ensure that you receive the optimal experience with the greatest results. We want you walking away saying, “WOW- that was incredible!”

Private Sailing Instruction aboard Take Me There

We want to ensure your satisfaction by combining our concierge-level approach with personal engagement and asking you what your needs are.  We’d like the opportunity to offer you many options to build your confidence and competence by completing your experience with us.

Are you ready to learn more about private sailing instruction aboard Take Me There? The members of your sailing instruction team are you, Take Me There Sailing, and NauticEd.  We partner with you to expand sailing awareness and help you achieve sailing competence.  We partner with NauticEd to provide high-quality, online sailing education resources and course materiel for your private sailing instruction.  As a sailing school, we are especially proud to work with NauticEd as they are the only government and US Coast Guard recognized sailing body in the US that certifies for The International Sailing License and Credentials (SLC). (Ask us how this differs from ASA courses you may know of!)

We invite you to partner with us for your private sailing instruction. Sign up here for your two free NauticEd classes and let’s get started! Just say, “Take Me There”

About the Author:  Captain Steve Mitchell is our Chief Instructor at Take Me There Sailing.  Captain Steve is a USCG 100 Ton Master with a Sailing and Towing endorsement.  He is a Ketch-Rigged expert and has over 20,000 miles piloting Take Me There in US and Caribbean waters. He loves sharing his knowledge and helping others to be successful.


Florida Sky

The Emotional Vibes of Florida Skies as experienced aboard Take Me There!

Good afternoon sailing friends! While last week’s blog described my amazing shrimp ceviche recipe and was created especially for my foodie friends, this week’s post is for my emo friends; the ones that I sit and have deep loving conversations with while we laugh and shed a few tears. Even if you are not one of those people, you will still appreciate the photos of Florida skies included in this post so hang in there with me for just a few minutes.

Like many of you, I’m one of those people that use my phone to take pictures, and more pictures, and more pictures and don’t even think about how many images are being accumulated until I get the dreaded message that I am out of storage space. UGH!! While I do not look forward to the technical process of clearing out my phone, I am inspired by the opportunity to revisit meaningful moments over the last few years. Like this one taken of Steve and me just a few months ago.

Steve and Kimberly excited for the Dry Tortugas

Steve and Kimberly aboard Take Me There

The chance to revisit photos provides the opportunity to look at them through a different lens. While I was recently reviewing my camera roll and deciding which pictures to move to my computer, I was drawn to the emotions that I was feeling as I looked at the Florida skies during various sailing charters. The emotional vibes that were stirred from these photos of Florida skies was a bit overwhelming. How is it that pictures containing various amounts of clouds, sun, and sky could arouse such incredible emotional vibes? While we all realize that a picture says a thousand words, pictures also tug at our heartstrings and have the possibility of stirring up powerful emotions. I feel that way when I look at this picture of Take Me There that was taken a few years ago.

Take Me There at sunset

We have all oohhed and ahhhed over beautiful sunsets, but have you ever dug deeper and considered the breadth and depth of the emotions that are being summoned up by these visual cues?

Entrance to Burnt Store Marina

Like with this picture… We were entering Burnt Store Marina for the first time aboard Take Me There and we took this picture looking back over our shoulders. We said goodbye to where we had come from and were saying hello to a whole new life. We were beginning a new chapter in our lives as the operators of a sailing charter business in Punta Gorda. When I look at this picture I feel EXHILARATED! The sun was setting on a previous chapter in our lives and the next morning we would rise to a new day!

Are you ready to see more photos of Florida skies? I hope you enjoy exploring the emotions that are created by these experiences of Florida skies aboard Take Me There.


We look forward to creating these kinds of memories with you soon! Just say, TAKE ME THERE!

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.”  Helen Keller

amazing shrimp ceviche aboard take me there

Amazing Shrimp Ceviche Recipe Aboard Take Me There

Hi sailing and foodie friends! You guessed it- this post is going to be about one of my favorite appetizers aboard Take Me There.  Shrimp ceviche – Take Me There style has again gotten rave reviews this week and when the third person asked me for the recipe, I decided it was time to publish my recipe so you can make this amazing shrimp ceviche at home. After seeing how easy this is to make, you’ll want to make this amazing shrimp ceviche recipe for your next get-together. And with June just days away, this appetizer has cool summer snack written all over it.

So let’s jump right into the ingredients for this amazing shrimp ceviche recipe. Ready? The list is so short you may miss something if you read too fast. So slow it down and take it all in.


  • 8 Campari tomatoes (They are little so that is why you need so many)
  • 1 red or yellow pepper
  • ¼ small red onion
  • ¼ – ½ teaspoon garlic (depending on how much you like garlic)
  • 1 tablespoon fresh finely chopped cilantro (Buy a full bunch and then you’ll just need about 1/5 of the bunch)
  • 10-12 large cooked shrimp (you can buy raw and boil them yourself or buy them already cooked)
  • 2 limes
  • 1/8 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt and Pepper

Before I jump right into the step-by-step part, let’s talk a little bit about the ingredients.

Short FAQ list for your amazing shrimp ceviche recipe

Why Campari tomatoes? Can’t I use any kind of tomatoes?
I’ve tried several different kinds of tomatoes in this recipe. And while large tomatoes are certainly easier to slice, remove seeds, and dice the meat of the tomato, there is something about the sweetness and richness of Campari tomatoes that I absolutely love. There is usually 8-10 in a small plastic tub. And remember that tomatoes NEVER get refrigerated. Store them in a cool, dark place and they ripen beautifully and provide the savory sweetness for this amazing shrimp ceviche recipe.

Why red or yellow and not green peppers?
Another great question. Red or yellow peppers have a sweetness to them that is missing in green peppers which tend to be a bit more on the tart side. Red peppers are the sweetest, but yellow peppers add more color to your amazing shrimp ceviche recipe against the red tomatoes. In these photos, you’ll notice that I used red pepper this time.

Does it have to be red onion?
Yup, red onions have a sweetness to them that you won’t find in raw white onions. The slight purple color also looks appealing.

I notice a jar of minced garlic in the picture, can I use fresh garlic?
Absolutely, you can use fresh garlic. I happen to like the punch that you get from minced garlic (And I really hate to use a garlic press). Another reason- I use a LOT of garlic in many recipes and being able to stock up and open a jar when I need it makes my life easy. And shouldn’t life be easy sometimes?

Can I use dried cilantro or already bottled lime juice for this recipe?
NOPE! What makes this amazing shrimp ceviche recipe is really not the shrimp, it’s the fresh cilantro, fresh limes, and the Campari tomatoes.

Can I cheat and use frozen shrimp?
YES! I have done that too and honestly; I do not notice a difference. Buy the already cooked frozen shrimp and you will be just fine! Lately, fresh shrimp has been too expensive, so I have been buying frozen raw shrimp. I defrost the shrimp (Defrost slowly in warm water) and then boil a pot of water. I put the shrimp into my metal colander and poach them in the boiling water for about 2-4 minutes until they are fully cooked. What I DO NOT do is use raw shrimp and allow the shrimp to “cook” in the lime juice, as many restaurants do. The shrimp must be fully cooked and then diced. But do not overcook the shrimp because then it gets rubbery.

Can I make this recipe ahead of time?
YES! Here’s the trick. Mix together the tomatoes, pepper, onion, garlic, diced shrimp, and cilantro and refrigerate. The morning that you are going to serve this amazing shrimp ceviche, juice your limes and make a dressing out of the lime juice, olive oil, salt and pepper. Pour the dressing over the other ingredients and let it marinate in the refrigerator until you are ready to serve. Stir it before you serve it and you are ready to go! You can make this up to 4 days ahead of time and it stays fresh in the refrigerator if you do not have the dressing on it.

I’ve seen other ceviche recipes mix the cilantro into the lime juice as part of the dressing. Can I do it that way?
You could do it that way, but I have found that part of what makes this amazing shrimp ceviche recipe is that you are not mottling the fresh cilantro into the lime juice and making the cilantro soggy. The cilantro stays crisp when you mix it with the other vegetables rather than using it as part of the dressing.

What if we don’t like shrimp?
WHAT??!! Just kidding! That’s ok. I have substituted conch, cooked halibut, roasted chicken, or mango in place of the shrimp. My second runner-up to this amazing shrimp ceviche recipe is made with fresh mangos.

So with those FAQs out of the way, you already have an idea of what the steps are to making this amazing shrimp ceviche recipe, but here it is anyway! 😊

raw ingredients with a bowl of amazing shrimp ceviche


Dice your onion and pepper and put them into a mixing bowl.

Cut your Campari tomatoes in half and remove the seeds and the core. Then you can dice the meat of the tomatoes and mix it with the onion and pepper.

Dice your cooked shrimp.

Chop your cilantro finely – about 1/5 of the bunch.

Mix onion, pepper, tomatoes, shrimp, garlic, and cilantro together and refrigerate.

Juice your limes. Mix the juice with a dash of extra virgin olive oil, a few grinds of salt and pepper and whisk together. At least a few hours before you are ready to serve, pour the dressing over the shrimp ceviche and refrigerate.

juicing limes for amazing shrimp ceviche


Serve your amazing shrimp ceviche recipe with Tostitos Lime flavored chips. DONE AND YUM!

amazing shrimp ceviche with lime chips

There you have it folks- your amazing shrimp ceviche recipe. But if you don’t feel like making it yourself, we hope you get some friends together and come enjoy it with us on your next sailing charter- where all food and drinks are just part of your sailing adventure. Just say, “TAKE ME THERE”!

amazing shrimp ceviche with take me there tumblers


Relax and enjoy the moment aboard Take Me There

5 Pros to Choosing a Sailing Charter Vacation

Is it time to start planning your next family vacation or maybe just a mini getaway for the two of you? Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of your options? Where do we go? How much money do we budget for this vacation? What is the best place to go to do the things we want to do? And are we going to get the most bang for our buck? Yikes- there’s a lot to think about when it comes to planning your next vacation. It almost makes you want to throw in the towel and decide to just stay home.

BUT WAIT! You deserve that vacation, and you need a break from all the hustle and bustle of work, kids’ activities, and keeping up with the cleaning and cooking around the house. You need this getaway, and we want to make it happen for you! Here are the 5 pros to choosing a sailing charter vacation.

Reason #1: It’s time to get out of the house!

One of the top reasons for choosing a sailing charter vacation is because it is time to get out of the house. Particularly since the outbreak of Covid, many of us are feeling cabin fever and dreading being cooped up inside. Do you just feel like running out the door shouting, “I’m free”? If so, then choosing a sailing charter vacation is the perfect release for you. There is nothing like laying on the deck, looking at the stars and the moon, and experiencing the wide-open expansiveness of the water and space. It’s time to break free and there is no better way to do that than choosing a sailing charter vacation.

reasons to choose a sailing charter vacation

Reason #2: You want to try something different!

The second reason for choosing a sailing charter vacation is because it is different and unique from the other trips you have planned. When you think of Florida or if you have taken a Florida vacation what do you think of or what did you do when you came to Florida for your vacation? You probably went to the beach, enjoyed a theme park or two (or three), and visited some great beachy restaurants for seafood. But did you book a sailing charter vacation? It may not have even occurred to you that you could do that easily and inexpensively.

How much did you spend for your family at one of those theme parks? Tickets are around $150 per person and that does not include food, drinks, or parking. What if I told you that you could choose a daysail aboard Take Me There for around the same price per person and that we include all your food, drinks, and activities? Now that’s a vacation- not worrying about how often you pull out the credit card to pay for just one more thing. So now it’s time to think of Florida as the place for choosing a sailing charter vacation.

Reason #3: You do not want to plan or arrange for anything – you’re on vacation!

The third reason for choosing a sailing charter vacation is that you deserve a break from planning, preparing, organizing, scheduling, and basically being the one to make everything happen. Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up when you want to wake up, have coffee already brewing and ready for you whenever you decide it’s time for caffeine, and then breakfast arrives when you’re hungry and all the clean up is done for you and you just get to relax until the next plate of food arrives? Doesn’t that sound just heavenly? I can’t speak for other sailing charters, but that’s the way it works aboard Take Me There. You do YOU and let us do everything else.

Reason #4: There needs to be something to do for everyone!

The next reason for choosing a sailing charter vacation is because you are thinking of everyone else in your family and you want to make sure that no one is bored. Bored? On a sailing charter? Not aboard Take Me There. You can choose to lay on deck and grab some sun, hang out in the shade of the cockpit with a good book or just listen to music that’s piped in through the sound system. But wait- there’s more aboard Take Me There! You could also choose to strap on some snorkel gear and see what’s swimming around the boat or relax in the floats with your tumbler full of something cool to drink.

There’s still more- you may also decide to kayak over to an island and explore some of the sandy beaches or drop a line in the water and see what’s biting. Jumping off deck is always fun to cool off and hanging out in the hammock chairs is also a great way to relax. In the evenings we play cards or board games while snacking on sweet or salty snacks, and in the morning, we get up and do it all over again.

Reason #5: We do the sailing and you do the relaxing!

When you board Take Me There, we take care of everything for you. We do the navigating to find the best places to be, we do the sailing so you can enjoy your time on deck and in the water, we do the cooking so you can enjoy the tasty treats, and we do all the clean up so you can enjoy more down time. How many times have you returned home from vacation only to say that you need a vacation to recover from your vacation?

Well- not when you choose a sailing charter vacation aboard Take Me There. You will arrive home rested, rejuvenated, and restored back to life. So then all you have to think about is your next sailing charter vacation!  Book Now for your next sailing charter vacation! All you have to say is, “Take Me There”!

5 pros for choosing a sailing charter vacation

kayaking while sailing charlotte harbor

4 Awesome Days Sailing Charlotte Harbor

Hi there Take Me There sailing friends! We hope you are well and enjoying life. We just finished an amazing 4 days of sailing Charlotte Harbor, Florida and I’m excited to share some of the highlights of our trip. When I tell folks that we are on a four-day sail, they often ask how far we traveled. Did we go to Marco Island or the Keys? They are surprised when I tell them that we stayed in Charlotte Harbor for 4 days and thoroughly enjoyed sailing Charlotte Harbor.

Remember that just because you book a sailing trip, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to spend 8-10 hours each day sailing. It’s important to have destinations to enjoy and fun things to do that are close to home- that’s why we really enjoy sailing Charlotte Harbor. There is plenty to do in the area and beautiful things to see right here close to our home port of Burnt Store Marina in Punta Gorda.

So let’s take a look at the 4 awesome days we spent sailing Charlotte Harbor with a beautiful family of 6. It’s important to note that this family flew in from out of state and had not been to this area of SW Florida before. If you are from this area, you may take these sights for granted, but for those that are traveling from afar, these are some wonderful things to do while you are sailing Charlotte Harbor.

Day 1 of sailing Charlotte Harbor

After a very late flight the night before, the first thing on the agenda was sleeping in a bit in order to feel refreshed and ready to enjoy fun in the sun. It’s hard to enjoy a vacation when you’re tired, and the intensity of the Florida sun takes its toll on you, so it’s important to be well-rested and stay hydrated in order to enjoy sailing Charlotte Harbor. So after a good night’s rest and a breakfast of waffles with all the fixings, we arranged for a jet ski ride with our business partner Riptide Rentals. Riptide Rentals brought the jet skis to us, and after a thorough safety briefing, we jumped aboard Take Me There’s dinghy and escorted the teens out of the channel where they could enjoy some time letting loose in the harbor. Because Charlotte Harbor is 10 miles long and 10 miles wide, the open space is not only good for sailing Charlotte Harbor but also for jet skiing fishing, and just hanging out in the water by the islands.

After we said goodbye to Riptide Rentals, we readied the boat for sailing Charlotte Harbor. Our first destination was Fisherman’s Village. From Burnt Store Marina, this is about a 3.5-4 hour sail, making it the perfect amount of time to enjoy getting the sails up. With the music playing, and the food and drinks being served, everyone enjoyed a fun afternoon sailing Charlotte Harbor. We anchored just outside Fisherman’s Village and enjoyed a dinghy ride into the Village to enjoy the shops and the nightlife at the tiki bar.

Dinner onboard included fish tacos, citrus coleslaw and roasted corn salad. Since we were celebrating birthdays that weekend, each of the dinners was followed by a birthday cake. Take Me There enjoys our local businesses that help us provide exceptional service. All of our cakes and sweet treats come to us from the Publix bakery in Punta Gorda.

Day 2 of sailing Charlotte Harbor

After a breakfast of egg bites, homemade onboard following the Starbuck’s recipe, we set sail for Cayo Costa State Park. We love this area and sailing Charlotte Harbor would not be complete without a visit to Pelican Bay. Cayo Costa State Park is one of Florida’s 175 state parks and it is one that is only reachable by boat. If you do not have your own boat, you can get here by the ferry, but we think the best way of seeing this natural beauty is aboard Take Me There.

While anchored in Pelican Bay, we enjoyed taking the dinghy to see the manatees, kayaking to the island, and floating in the temperate waters. Take Me There carries all the toys onboard to enjoy time off the boat as much as time aboard sailing Charlotte Harbor.

After a dinner of kabobs on the grill (and another birthday cake) it was again time to break out the games. In addition to the water toys, Take Me There stocks a variety of games to play in the evenings for continued family fun. The game of choice on this trip was Cards Against Humanity (the family version!).

Day 3 of sailing Charlotte Harbor

After a breakfast of pastries, eggs, and sausage rolls- it was time to enjoy more of Cayo Costa State Park. There is so much to see and do at this park, one afternoon is just not enough. And when you are sailing Charlotte Harbor, we feel it’s important to enjoy places you visit and not feel like you have to pack up and sail each day. So day 3 was not a “travel” day but was just a relaxing day.

When it is not a travel day of sailing Charlotte Harbor, our guests can sleep in, have breakfast when they want, and each person can do what brings them joy. Some folks got up early to watch the sunrise, some got up just after sunrise to enjoy coffee on the deck, and others slept in a bit later to enjoy the importance of relaxing while on vacation. We love sailing Charlotte Harbor, but we also enjoy taking time to enjoy the sites in the area. Sailing is not always about sailing, but it’s about relishing the moments of joy while sailing Charlotte Harbor!

It was a beach day at Cayo Costa, so coolers were packed with drinks and backpacks were stuffed with snacks. A short dinghy ride from our boat to the dock gave our guests an opportunity to explore the island. It is a one-mile walk from the Pelican Bay side of the island to the Gulf of Mexico side. Swimming, shelling, and walking the beach was enjoyed by all. And then of course more time having fun in the water off the boat!

As I mentioned, we celebrated birthdays while this beautiful family was onboard with us for the sailing of Charlotte Harbor. In addition to birthdays, we also celebrated Easter while they were aboard! And what would Easter be without streaming church services and dying Easter eggs? And Easter would not be complete without a ham dinner, with homemade potato salad, deviled eggs, sweet and saucy baked beans, followed by watermelon and of course another birthday cake! (Take Me There is well equipped to stream services and has enough refrigeration for all of this amazing food!)


Day 4 of sailing Charlotte Harbor

This was the final day of sailing Charlotte Harbor for this family. Pelican Bay has some shallow areas and it’s important to watch the tides when planning a trip into or out of this area of Charlotte Harbor. We needed to be pulling anchor by 9 am. It was then a beautiful 3-hour trip back to Burnt Store Marina as we enjoyed the final day of sailing Charlotte Harbor.

When you are booking your trip of sailing Charlotte Harbor, it’s important to remember to think about how much sailing you would like to do, and how much sightseeing and activities you would like. Take Me There customizes our itineraries, so we are here to meet your needs and do what makes you happy. We will always make sure we have enough food and drinks aboard, and all the fun toys for you to enjoy your vacation. We are all about having fun and creating exceptional experiences! Just say TAKE ME THERE!

“At the beach, life is different. Time doesn’t move hour to hour but mood to moment. We live by currents, plan by the tides, and follow the sun.” – Sandy Gingras, Writer & Illustrator

Fun Sailing Trip

5 Ways to Have a Fun Sailing Trip

Hi there sailing friends! Are you looking for a fun sailing trip? Are you planning a special event like a birthday, anniversary, family vacation, or honeymoon? Being aboard a sailboat can be a great way to spend time together as a family and create amazing memories. But there is more to creating a fun sailing trip than just renting a boat or hiring a sailing charter company to take you out on the water.

When you think about a fun sailing trip what do you think about? Is the wind blowing lightly in your hair, are you lounging on the deck while you work on your tan, or are you exploring beautiful beaches? Ahhhh… that sounds like the ideal fun sailing trip!! But it doesn’t just magically happen that way. And the reality of being on the water on a sailboat does not always match that vision and so it may not end up being the fun sailing trip that you imagined. We work hard to create a fun sailing trip for you and want to share the top 5 ways that you can get the most out of your time on the water and have the greatest chances of the most fun sailing trip possible.

5 Ways to have a fun sailing trip

1. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare for your fun sailing trip.

We are all about the experience! And the first ingredient to a fun sailing trip is planning, planning, and more planning to make sure that our guests have an exceptional experience. Let’s face it- being on the water is a fun adventure but when the winds are too great, the seas are too high, or the rains are too hard- it’s difficult to have a fun sailing trip. Captain Steve spends a lot of time looking at the weather in ways that many people may not think about. Most people look at the general forecast to see if it is going to be sunny with little chance of rain. But there is so much more than temperatures in order to analyze the weather for a fun sailing trip.

Steve looks at the radar to determine what kinds of weather activity is going on in the Gulf of Mexico or coming at us from land. 4-5 days before a charter begins, we are looking at how the temperatures are expected to rise or fall, what the barometric pressure is, what direction the winds are coming from, how the cloud systems, wind, and temperatures are working together to create the weather conditions in Charlotte Harbor and the Gulf of Mexico. Depending what the weather looks like, will impact what direction we sail, how much motoring versus sailing we will do, and how much fuel that will take. After Steve determines the routes, then Kimberly starts provisioning the boat for the charters that are occurring in the next three-four days.

As a licensed restaurant with a beer and wine license, we want to make sure that we are serving meals and small plates that are tasty and fresh. We are also concerned with maintaining our costs so we can keep our prices to our customers reasonable and affordable for the value that we are providing. We look for the fruits and vegetables that are in season and we look for the suppliers that have the freshest ingredients for the least expensive prices. Provisioning for our charters and then preparing the tasty treats is what Kimberly loves to do! And she loves finding new tasty combinations like watermelon and feta or goat cheese with pecans and honey. (And so much more!)

2. It’s all about the journey AND the destination for your fun sailing trip.

Steve and Kimberly LOVE to be on the water. But we will both tell you that we have no desire to cross an ocean. We will be perfectly honest with you – sailing, and sailing, and sailing for long periods of time with no activities, or appealing sites to admire, or a destination to be excited about can be boring. One reason that we brought Take Me There to Charlotte Harbor from Tampa Bay is that there is so much to see in Charlotte Harbor and beautiful destinations are just a few hours sail away. On a day sail, we can enjoy Cayo Costa, or Fisherman’s Village, or Cabbage Key, or Boca Grande.  These are all beautiful and picturesque places with activities to do once you get there. When you think about your fun sailing trip, make sure that you have destinations in mind that will offer you activities that you enjoy.

3. Bring all the toys!

One of the things that we like about our 60-foot sailboat is that we have plenty of room to store all of the fun activities on board. Kayaks, hammock swings, an inflatable 10 ft tender, paddleboards, party floats, snorkel gear, and fishing gear are all stored aboard for your enjoyment. We feel that it’s important that once you get someplace, you have the toys you need to enjoy your fun sailing trip. And there is no better place to enjoy these toys than in Charlotte Harbor and its surrounding waters. The Charlotte Harbor watershed contains 13 named lakes/ponds, 21 rivers/streams/canals, and 2 bays/bayous making it perfect to explore the area in a kayak, small boat, or paddleboard. If you’re going to have a fun sailing trip, make sure you have all the toys to enjoy the area. And when you come aboard Take Me There, if we don’t have the toys, we will arrange for them to be brought to you. Are you looking to include a couple of hours of jet ski riding during your overnight sail? Just let us know and we will coordinate jet skis to be delivered to us by Riptide Rentals. Just say, “Take Me There” and we will get you there or bring them to us!

4. Sailing makes you hungry and thirsty!

We have already mentioned the importance of planning your provisions for your fun sailing trip, but you can never have too much food or drinks when you are out on the water and so this topic is worth mentioning twice. When you are planning for a fun sailing trip, food and drinks are essential and we want to do all of that preparation for you so you don’t have to worry about it. If you are entertaining out-of-town guests or want to have a small getaway with some friends, don’t worry about doing the shopping, preparation, or cleaning up- let us do that for you. A fun sailing trip means RELAXING and REJUVENATING, so let us do all of that for you and then you can sit back and enjoy your friends and family. This is what we love to do- so just come aboard and we’ll have the drinks cold and ready when you get here.

5. It takes power to keep everything in motion.

A fun sailing trip includes taking pictures and videos to capture your favorite moments. In order to keep your devices powered up, we have plenty of USB outlets to plug in your phones so you can take pictures and not worry about running out of juice before the day is over. You will also need to keep your devices charged up to you can connect your music to our Bluetooth system to enjoy your favorite music selections. And of course, we have plenty of battery and generator power for our overnight trips to enjoy movies and popcorn after taking in our gorgeous sunsets, hot showers at the end of a busy day in the water, and hot coffee or tea on deck in the morning as you enjoy the sunrise. And let’s not forget about plenty of power to provide you with cold drinks from the coolers and plenty of ice for your drinks as well as keeping your food at the proper temperatures in our commercial refrigerators.

We have thought of everything aboard Take Me There so that all you get to do is enjoy your trip!

When you are thinking about a fun sailing trip, be sure to consider the preparation, destination, water toys, food/drinks, and power that it will take to ensure that you have an EXCEPTIONAL sailing trip. As you can see, it takes a lot of time and energy to prepare for a sailing trip. Let us do all the work, so you don’t have to. Give us a call. We would love to start planning your trip for you. Just say Take Me There!


3 Reasons to Take a Great Family Sailing Vacation

Hi there sailing friends! We’ve been enjoying planning one after another great family sailing vacation, so this topic is top of mind for me. Since many folks are busy planning their family vacations, I thought this would be a good time to talk about the value of a great family sailing vcacation and how to go about planning one. A great family sailing vacation is one of Take Me There’s specialties. We love showing people the beauty and serenity of the waters of Southwest Florida and we really enjoy talking with people and finding out what would make their vacation exceed their expectations, and then making that happen. Family vacations are an important part of growing up and creating memories that are remembered for a lifetime.

When I was a child, my father worked tirelessly all year as a police officer and looked forward to taking his family on a memorable family vacation. Most of our vacations centered around visiting relatives in southern states. We enjoyed theme parks like Walt Disney World or Kings Dominion but we spent most of our time in the oceans of Virginia Beach or Clearwater Florida. During long weekends, when there wasn’t enough time to travel south from New Jersey, we found enough time to escape to Swartswood Lake for swimming, boating, and picnicking. The memories of these times are special and were important to my early development. Experts agree that family time raises children’s feelings of importance and value, and parents gain valuable insights into their children’s strengths.

Great family vacation

“At the beach, life is different. Time doesn’t move hour to hour but mood to moment. We live by currents, plan by the tides, and follow the sun.” – Sandy Gingras, Writer & Illustrator

Steve and I have been so blessed to blend our family and to have enjoyed many great family vacations together. We were especially thrilled to have had our children and granddaughter onboard Take Me There for four days to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. Our great family sailing vacation aboard Take Me There reminded us that having fun together, creating shared memories, and prioritizing the importance of our family time are essential reasons to bring our family together on a regular basis.

As we help other families plan their great family sailing vacation, we focus on the same 3 things that we found important for our own family; 1. Having fun together, 2. Creating shared memories, and 3. Prioritizing the importance of family

The first ingredient to a great family sailing vacation is having fun! And many times the key to having fun is doing something unique. When we continue to do the same thing over and over again we are limiting our creativity and restricting our minds from experiencing new challenges. And when we don’t engage in new things, our minds and spirits can become disinterested. But when we inject something new into our routines, we feel invigorated and enthusiastic. And with this enthusiasm comes more fun and excitement. Fun is what Take Me There is all about. We love turning up the music, dancing on the deck, and laughing together as a family as we sway with the waves, enjoy the Florida sunshine, and appreciate the fresh air. Research shows that having fun is also good for our relationships because it helps to build trust and enhance communication.

That leads us to the second ingredient of a great family sailing vacation which is creating shared memories. Being together bonds families and encourages close ties. Sharing space together on Take Me There creates the opportunity for enjoying experiences together. Enjoying a tandem kayak excursion through the mangroves, swimming around the boat, or just relaxing together on the deck while gazing at the stars creates family memories that will be talked about for years to come.

And as time goes on, and we reflect back on family vacations we realize that it was so much more than just spending time together; those family vacations remind us of the importance of our family. The third ingredient of a great family sailing vacation is the priority that we place on spending time together. We realize that scheduling, planning, and enjoying these family vacations show each other that we value our time together and prioritize our family time above other activities in our lives. We realize that time is short and our relationships with each other are what matter most.

These are the top 3 reasons to take a great family sailing vacation. So where do you start? How do go about planning this great family sailing vacation? Take Me There Sailing makes it easy for you. We love doing the planning for you. Give us a call! Tell us some of the activities you would like to do or sights you would like to see. Tell us how much time you are able to spend on this great family sailing vacation. With that information, we will be able to put together a suggested itinerary for you. And then we make the preparation easy for you. We provision the boat with all the food and drinks you love. We have all the necessary sundry items you would need like shampoo and sunscreen, and we make all the necessary reservations for any special events you would like to enjoy like golf, jet skis or shopping. And then all you have to do is come onboard, relax and enjoy. And it all starts by saying TAKE ME THERE!

We look forward to seeing you onboard Take Me There for your great family sailing vacation.

“Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than those you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from safe harbor. Catch the wind in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain, American Writer

New Promotional Charter aboard Take Me There

Hello Sailing Friends! Take Me There Sailing is at it again- we’ve come up with a new promotional charter aboard Take Me There. Are you ready for this? A three-night sail for $695 per person. What?!! That’s right you read us right- 3 nights and 4 days aboard Take Me There for $695 person.  What’s the catch? There is no catch to this new promotional charter aboard Take Me There.

Why are we offering this discounted charter when normally our 3-night charter is $1625 per person? The answer is simple: we are now offering charters from Key West to the Dry Tortugas and we need to sail Take Me There from Punta Gorda to Key West. This is where you come in… Instead of taking the boat to Key West with no passengers, we decided to offer you a unique opportunity to enjoy a beautiful, all-inclusive sail at a deeply reduced rate. It’s a win-win situation! Now, let’s take a look at the details of this new promotional charter aboard Take Me There.

It’s actually really simple. We have specific dates that we will be leaving Punta Gorda with a destination of Key West. We are able to take 4 passengers (2 couples, or 4 individuals, or parents with children) in two double occupancy cabins. We will publish the dates that we are leaving Punta Gorda and if the dates fit your schedule, call or email us to reserve your spot. We’ll take a credit card over the phone for $740.18 ($695 + $45.18 sales tax), and we will see you onboard for this new promotional charter aboard Take Me There. We told you it was simple! (If you are a single person, you will be sharing a cabin with someone, or you can purchase the entire cabin for $1390).

Here is the itinerary for this new promotional charter aboard Take Me There

Day 1: Arrive and get settled into your cabin.

Days 2 and 3: Sail past Estero Island and Marco Island (Anchor for the evenings at appropriate spots)

Day 4: We get you to shore in Key West

This is where we say our good-byes and you have an opportunity to explore Key West. You can either plan to rent a car and drive home to the Punta Gorda area or you can arrange for someone to pick you up in Key West. We recommend that you book a ticket on the Key West Express Ferry that runs daily from Key West to Fort Myers for $118 one way for adults (current rates at the time of this publication). Are you ready for an adventure?

Who would be the right person for this new promotional charter aboard Take Me There?

There are two types of sailing experiences that you could have during this new promotional charter aboard Take Me There. 1. Steer and Sail, 2. Chilling Charter

  1. Steer and Sail. Whether you have a lot of sailing experience or none at all, if you want the opportunity to be at the helm with Captain Steve, you can enjoy examining the route, adjusting sails, and taking the helm of a 53-foot Gulfstar. If you are looking to cruise, Kimberly and Steve will provide you with plenty of first-hand knowledge of managing power, conserving water, following the rules of the water, and provisioning for long trips. While Captain Steve is not a licensed instructor, he is a 100-ton Captain and can provide you with a lot of knowledge and experience while you gain crewing hours in your log book. Come join us on this new promotional charter aboard Take Me There as you Steer and Sail alongside the captain.
  2. Chilling Charter. If you enjoy the water, are looking for a fun adventure, and want to hang out on a sailboat for a few days, you can join us on this new promotional charter aboard Take Me There and just chill out. Enjoy the drinks, savor the food, lounge in the sun, read a book, listen to tunes, or just relax on deck. You do not need to do anything except enjoy the journey!

New promotional charter aboard take me there

So again you may be asking, “What’s the catch- why is this so inexpensive?” There is no catch, but this is a bit different than our other sailing charters that you would book. So how is this new promotional charter aboard Take Me There different than other charters?

Here are the ways that this promotional charter is different from our other charters:

  1. You do not get to choose your dates. Our dates for these charters are set. So if our dates work for your schedule that is awesome. If these dates don’t work for you, then we’ll let you know the next time we are headed to Key West and we hope that works for your schedule. Email Captain Steve at steve@takemetheresailing.com and ask to be put on the Captain’s List to receive upcoming dates.
  2. You do not get to choose the itinerary. We are going from Punta Gorda to Key West in 4 days. If you love to sail and want to spend some leisure time on the water getting from Punta Gorda to Key West, this charter is for you!
  3. You do not get to choose the menu. Normally, you would tell us what you would like to eat. For this new promotional charter, we will still serve you LOTS of food, and it will be fresh and tantalizing, but we will already have the provision menu set for these charters. If you would like to choose your menu, then please select one of our other charter options for your trip.
  4. You do not get to select your desired drinks. Just like with the food, we will already have provisioned the beverages. We will still offer a beer, wine, and soft drink selection, but you will not get to choose which kind you’d like.
  5. You will need to book with us by calling or emailing. Normally, you would book your charter online, but for this new promotional charter aboard Take Me There, you will call or email us with your desire to book and we will take your payment over the phone.

plenty of food aboard take me there

THAT’S IT! Those are the only differences between this new promotional charter aboard Take Me There versus our other charters. We choose the dates, the itinerary, the menu, the drinks and take your booking over the phone and you get to experience this amazing charter for the low price of $695 plus tax per person/double occupancy.

So are you ready to book your next adventure?

CHECK YOUR CALENDAR- We are leaving Burnt Store Marina on Tuesday May 10 and will be arriving in Key West by Friday May 13. We can take up to 4 guests with us- so call your besties and let’s get your charter from Punta Gorda to Key West booked.  Bring your bathing suit, some shorts and t-shirts and let’s get ready to sail to Key West. The adventure awaits. Just say TAKE ME THERE!