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Today is an exciting day aboard Take Me There as we just received our Commercial Use Authorization to take clients to the Dry Tortugas! Why is this so exciting?

Here are our top 3 reasons why Take Me There is so excited to sail to the Dry Tortugas.

  1. The Dry Tortugas is part of our National Park System and a significant part of our US History. Take Me There always promotes our history and national heritage. Ponce De Leon discovered this group of 7 islands in 1513 and named this beautiful place tortugas after catching more than 100 turtles here, and tortugas is Spanish for turtles. The word dry was later added to the name to indicate to sea traveling merchants that there was no fresh water available. During the 1600s and into the 1700s pirates used these waters to attack merchants in these heavily traveled waterways. After the Civil War, the US government began building Fort Jefferson, envisioning it to be the primary protector of the southern part of the United States and the lifeline of commerce traveling the Mississippi River and its byways. While the ultimate vision of Fort Jefferson was never completed, the purpose is commendable and the Fort is a sight to behold, and certainly part of many people’s bucket lists. The Dry Tortugas was promoted to National Park status in 1992 and is currently visited by over 80,000 people each year.
  2. Only 80,000 people annually see this national treasure. Take Me There wants to provide more access to this area. Currently, there are limited transportation methods available to access the Dry Tortugas.  The Yankee Freedom is the main method of transportation to get to the Dry Tortugas. The ferry tickets are limited and sell out fast. You purchase daily tickets on the Yankee Freedom ferry to take a 2.5-hour BUMPY ride to the Dry Tortugas, stay approximately 3 hours, and then take a 2.5-hour BUMPY ride back to Key West. You can purchase food and water from the ferry and use their restroom facilities during your daily trip. But there is so much to see there- 3 hours is just not enough!
  3. The sea life is amazing and it is a beautiful place to visit right here in US waters with no passport required. Partly due to Covid-19, international travel and cruising has become complicated. Take Me There wants to provide access to pristine places while keeping it simple and as uncomplicated as possible. These are beautiful waters, with amazing sea and land life to be admired, and we want to help people get there.

Another reason why we are excited is that Steve and Kimberly are always on the lookout for the next big adventure. And this is it! It is a long process to apply for and have the Commercial Use License approved. We love a challenge and this endeavor put our patience to the test. But that’s ok. We were vigilant in staying on top of the National Park Service to ensure that they knew who we were and how deeply compassionate we are of the slowdowns that have occurred as a result of Covid-19. So we stayed the course and finally received our approval.

The process of getting our CUA reminded us of how challenging it was for us to become a licensed restaurant with a beer and wine license. That was no easy feat either. But here we are- just one year in business and exceeding our dreams of creating exceptional experiences for guests.

We feel confident that adding a Key West to Dry Tortugas excursion to our list of options for our guests will prove to be successful. We have already booked our first Dry Tortugas trip. This is one trip you won’t want to miss. Just say TAKE ME THERE!

Steve and Kimberly excited for the Dry Tortugas

private yacht

Top 3 Reasons to Sail with Take Me There!

Hi Everyone! Are you as ready as we are for 2020 to be over? We’ve experienced things this year that we never dreamed would ever happen… It’s been a year of social distancing, toilet paper shortages, quarantining at home, take-out food and grocery home delivery, canceled gatherings, work at home or no work at all, and limited seating at important life events.  While we want to encourage everyone to be safe and stay healthy, we think that you can have a balance of safety and fun and that you don’t have to choose to be safe but not have any fun- you can still get out and have fun AND stay healthy at the same time. So its time for #funin21! And we know just how to do it. Here are our top reasons to charter Take Me There.

So why should you book a sailing charter on Take Me There? Here are our top three reasons why we think you should choose to charter Take Me There:

  1. We know how to live a balanced life. We saw 2020 as the year of extremes. On one end of the spectrum, some people threw caution to the wind and got up close and personal with others despite warnings of social distancing and threw their masks away as soon as they were told it was not mandatory. The other extreme were those who never left their house out of fear of catching COVID19. Steve and I did neither of these things. We balanced safety with necessity. We incorporated Take Me There Sailing in January 2020. When COVID19 hit the news, we were in the middle of renovating Take Me There. Take Me There was up on land and torn apart to begin top to bottom updates and we couldn’t just close up shop and go home. So we put on our masks every morning, made our runs to Home Depot, Lowes, Fiberglass Coating and Pinellas Fastener, used a ton of hand sanitizer, and kept our distance. But then we went to work in the beautiful Florida sunshine and turned Take Me There into an amazing work of art. We will offer you the same balance. We will continue to keep our distance, wear our masks, wash our hands, sanitize our boat regularly and turn on the UV lights to ensure that we keep the germs to a minimum. But you will see our smiles through our masks, our eyes twinkle and our voices exude excitement as we share the thrill of snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, paddleboarding, and enjoying good food and drinks as we sail the Southwest coast of Florida.
  2. We do it right! While there are many private charters out there to choose from, we have the licenses and credentials to offer you the security of knowing that we have gone above and beyond to serve you. When we decided to be “all-inclusive” and serve food and alcohol, we started calling DBPR (the Florida Department of Professional Regulations) to find out how we would legally be able to offer food and beverage service that was so much more than bottled water and gas station sushi. The process was much harder than I originally thought. Aren’t we a bed and breakfast? No, not really. Aren’t we like a food truck? Nope. We are just like your favorite sit-down restaurant that caters to private functions of 6 people or less. We are a licensed Florida restaurant meeting all the health department codes of safety standards just like any other restaurant. And we are also licensed to serve beer and wine with a COP2 license. It was not an easy process. It took a great deal of time and effort to accomplish these credentials. Why did we go through this effort? Because, we believe in doing the right thing, even when no one is looking and because YOU DESERVE EXCEPTIONAL!

    SafeServe Certified

  3. Vintage charm with modern conveniences with personal touches and lots of love! The last of the BIG 3 reasons why we think you should sail withTake Me There is because we offer a vintage boat with lots of personal touches. There are certainly newer boats to charter (Take Me There is a 1975 Gulfstar), and there are certainly boats that are bigger than ours (Take Me There is 53 feet long and almost 16 feet wide). But I would challenge you to find another charter boat that has been loved on, fully renovated, and has owners that have taken the time to install as many extras as we have or added as many personal touches. There are charging ports in ALL areas of the boat including your personal cabins to keep all of your devices charged and ready to use. There is a complete surround sound system to connect your phone to so you can enjoy the music of your choice throughout your charter, comfortable new mattresses, a fully equipped kitchen for us to serve you your favorite meals, and so much more! Take a look at our amenities page to see everything we offer.

We are excited to have you aboard Take Me There so you can add your reasons why you decided to sail with us. Book your exceptional experience today!


Sailing Charters

You have 8 Sailing Charter Packages to choose from at Take Me There Sailing

When we thought about the types of sailing charter options we wanted to offer at Take Me There Sailing, we looked at what was already being offered. We did a great deal of googling of sailing charters! Here is what we found: There are quite a few sunset dinner cruises offered and there are also quite a few options for what is called bareboat chartering (this is where you rent the boat, but there is no captain or crew aboard- you have to do all the sailing yourself).

Here is what we DID NOT find: Sailing charter options that would enable guests to have a captain and chef at an all-inclusive price for overnight or multi-night charters based in the Charlotte Harbor, Florida area. We knew we wanted to be based out of the Charlotte Harbor area in order to best serve Naples, Ft. Myers, Cape Coral, Marco Island, Captiva Island, Sarasota, and St. Petersburg, and Key West. We looked and looked and couldn’t find a business like ours- so we decided that it was time to fill that gap and offer this kind of service.

After much research, we determined that Punta Gorda is the best area to be based in order to serve those areas on the West Coast of Florida and still be able to offer longer sailing charter packages to the Bahamas.

We met with the Punta Gorda Chamber of Commerce and according to them, we are a unique business offering overnight, all-inclusive sailing charters in the Charlotte Harbor area. That was wonderful news for us to hear. So it was settled- we would offer all inclusive, overnight and multi-night concierge level sailing charters based in Burnt Store Marina. We love this area and there is so much to offer our guests. Here are the sailing package options you have to choose from:

1 night charters – If you are looking to book a reservation at a fancy restaurant, why not extend that dinner date into an overnight event aboard Take Me There? Whether you are popping the question or celebrating a birthday or anniversary, we will make it a night to remember.

2 night charters – We are all ready for a weekend getaway, aren’t we? If you are planning a family excursion, a bachelorette party, mother/daughter outing, or a romantic weekend with your partner, we have just the sailing charters you are looking for!

3 night charters – This is the LONG weekend that we all crave! 4 days and 3 nights of sailing, swimming, kayaking, dinners on deck, snorkeling, and so much more! This sailing charter is just for you.

With 3 different choices of 1 night sailing charters, 3 choices of 2 night sailing charters and 2 choices of 3 night sailing charters, the world is your oyster! These sailing charters are packaged at just the right price for up to six people to enjoy a private mini-vacation.

Are you looking for something longer than 3 nights? We’ve got you covered at Take Me There Sailing. You can also choose to customize a sailing charter of 4-7 nights, 8-14 nights, or even 15-30 nights if you want more time to relax, explore, and spend time with your loved ones.

Our mission at Take Me There Sailing is Enriching Lives through Exceptional Experiences. The activity of sailing is not as important as the time that you will be spending with your family and friends aboard Take Me There. We will help you plan a memorable event, ensure that you enjoy a multitude of culinary delights, and have plenty of time to connect with the important people in your life. Come sail with us- because you deserve exceptional! Contact us for more information about the sailing charter that will best meet your needs. We look forward to hosting you aboard Take Me There.