Four or More Nights Private Sailing Charters

Where “Exceptional Experiences” gets personal!

Four or More Nights Private Sailing Charters

Where “Exceptional Experiences” gets personal!

. . . all you have to say is Take Me There

Custom Charters with Amazing Concierge-Level Service & Gourmet Dining

Our custom charter opportunities are the best way to experience private cruising. We provide amazing concierge-level service, gourmet dining, and the private cruising environment you deserve.

Different from 1-3 night packaged experiences where the itinerary is themed and established for you, our 4 to 30 night custom charter opportunities put you in complete control of all cruising details.

Just tell us what you would like to do, where you would like to go, and how long you would like to travel and we will design a custom sailing charter that meets your needs. Pricing is based on the options you select.

*Disclaimer: We do not sail to Cuba.

Here are some of the additional features available

  • Cruise Support

    We can help you with planning, airport pickup/drop-off (Uber or limo), alternate departure and arrival ports, communications support and more.

  • Excursion Activities

    Through our preferred associates, many off-boat excursion rendezvous’ options are available such as scuba-diving, kite-boarding, wind-surfing, jet ski or jet-pack experience, flats/sports-fishing. We can support extreme sport interests that are best experienced from a luxurious base-boat rather than a smaller, uncomfortable craft. We can even arrange for the excursion to come to you…Just say Take Me There and tell us what you would like to do.

  • Onboard Extras

    We can enrich any hour, day, or itinerary with exceptional extras. How about a yoga instructor for a unique morning sunrise experience or mid-day reset, an instrumentalist for that special dinner surprise, a retreat facilitator to draw your group closer or a masseuse to just pamper you after an afternoon swim – we love partnering with other quality service providers – your imagination is the only limit since you deserve exceptional.

  • Event Support

    Let us be your luxury accommodation at any waterfront, or near-water event venue such as arena games, concerts, shows, festivals, races/regattas, conferences, competitions etc. We are equipped to support special occasions where arrival and departure by water is desired. Instead of leaving your waterside event by limo, you can say farewell to your guests from aboard Take Me There as you sail off into the sunset.