3 Night Private Sailing Charters

Enjoy a Mini-Vacation

3 Night Private Sailing Charters

Enjoy a Mini-Vacation

. . . all you have to say is Take Me There

Our Favorite Cruise is our 3-Night Experience

Three Days, three nights with up to 6 stops make this cruise an adventure to remember. We can reach Venice, Naples and Marco Island motoring the Intracoastal waterway or sailing through the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

We have two routes to choose from:

  • Northern Route

    Our Northern Route points toward Venice with multiple stops in this 3-night adventure. We invite you to be as active or as relaxed as you desire. This cruise is especially appealing to our guests who prefer social distancing with brief interludes with the “masses.”

  • Southern Route

    Our Southern Route gives you 3 nights of exploring the Fort Myers, Naples or Marco Island waterfronts and waterways. This cruise is more appealing to our guests who enjoy some time under sail followed by social mingling and people-filled venues upon arrival at your chosen destination. Ft Myers, Naples or Marco Island are vibrant resort settings best enjoyed by hopping from venue to venue based on your adventuring tastes.

What Makes Us Unique?

If you want to jump into a kayak, balance on a paddleboard, hang out on our floating loungers, or throw a hook in the water and fish for awhile, we can make that happen. Of course, you can also sunbathe on deck or relax in our fully enclosed cockpit. Whatever you would like to do is great with us. 

If you want gas station sushi and bottled water, call the other guy. We are a licensed restaurant with alcoholic beverages on the menu. Your meals and small plates are prepared fresh in our commercial galley just for your charter.

We take our mission very seriously. We love being on the water; we are thrilled to serve our guests; and we enjoy meeting new friends. Become one of our BSFs – Best Sailing Friends. Come sail with us and let us pamper you while you enjoy your private charter. Just say “Take Me There”!