Journalism coverage, scientific research, family mega-vacations, extended honeymoon, retirement reward… the reasons are endless!

Just say “Take Me There”!

15-30 Night Custom Experience

Our 15-30 night custom opportunities are priced right!

Spending this kind of time aboard Take Me There almost makes you family! This extended cruising window permits us to show you luxury cruising at its very best!

  • North – Boca Grande to Tampa Bay; or
  • South – Captiva to Marco, Key West

Is exploring the Bahamas on your bucket list?

  • This boat charter option is for you!

Would you like to experience exclusive accommodations, fine dining and exceptional service with your own personal staff catering to your every need as you sail from one fascinating destination to another?

  • We can tailor your itinerary to your every whim (weather permitting).

Do you need a robust business or project support platform so you can stay connected while also getting away for long periods?

  • Take Me There can do that with our self-sustaining systems and communications equipment.

$1,250 starting price per day for 2 guests. Additional guests: $300 per guest per night.