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Private Sailing Instruction aboard Take Me There

private sailing instruction

Private Sailing Instruction now available aboard Take Me There

Take Me There Sailing continues to add amazing new experiences for our clients to enjoy!  We are now proud to offer private sailing instruction as part of Take Me There’s unrivaled reputation for Enriching Lives through Exceptional Experiences! Our new private sailing instruction programs are as high-quality as our charter reputation.  As a sailing school that offers private sailing instruction, we provide the same special attention and high-quality engagement with our students as we do with our private charter clients.

Captain Steve Mitchell aboard Take Me There


There are 4 reasons why you would want private sailing instruction through Take Me There Sailing:

  1. Perhaps you’d like to charter a bareboat? Do you meet the 4 core requirements of licensing, sailing-resume, experience, and credentials? If not, private sailing instruction through Take Me There will help you achieve the International Sailing Licensing and Credentials (SLC) so you can book your bareboat charter and leave that expensive captain behind.
  2. Are you already a sailor but you need more practice in close or complicated sailing situations which you would like to be more comfortable with? Some of the following may hit home for you
  • Are you uncomfortable or fearful when you think about certain sailing conditions?
  • Do you wonder if you could effectively manage a man-overboard drill on a big boat?
  • Are you getting ready to cruise and you would like to apply navigation knowledge to cruising scenarios? These (and much more) would all be addressed in your private sailing instruction.
  1. Are you a busy professional? (Who isn’t!) With private sailing instruction, you can choose the schedule that works best for you to fit these valuable sailing skill opportunities into your challenging schedule.
  2. Have you shied away from private sailing instruction in the past because you feel like you have a unique learning style or just don’t feel as though traditional learning environments fit your needs? This is another great reason to choose Take Me There, and NauticEd, for your private sailing instruction. Everything we do is customized to ensure that you receive the optimal experience with the greatest results. We want you walking away saying, “WOW- that was incredible!”

Private Sailing Instruction aboard Take Me There

We want to ensure your satisfaction by combining our concierge-level approach with personal engagement and asking you what your needs are.  We’d like the opportunity to offer you many options to build your confidence and competence by completing your experience with us.

Are you ready to learn more about private sailing instruction aboard Take Me There? The members of your sailing instruction team are you, Take Me There Sailing, and NauticEd.  We partner with you to expand sailing awareness and help you achieve sailing competence.  We partner with NauticEd to provide high-quality, online sailing education resources and course materiel for your private sailing instruction.  As a sailing school, we are especially proud to work with NauticEd as they are the only government and US Coast Guard recognized sailing body in the US that certifies for The International Sailing License and Credentials (SLC). (Ask us how this differs from ASA courses you may know of!)

We invite you to partner with us for your private sailing instruction. Sign up here for your two free NauticEd classes and let’s get started! Just say, “Take Me There”

About the Author:  Captain Steve Mitchell is our Chief Instructor at Take Me There Sailing.  Captain Steve is a USCG 100 Ton Master with a Sailing and Towing endorsement.  He is a Ketch-Rigged expert and has over 20,000 miles piloting Take Me There in US and Caribbean waters. He loves sharing his knowledge and helping others to be successful.


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