Elope on a Boat Get Dressed and Let Us Do the Rest Elope on a Boat Best Florida Elopement Option Just Say "Take Me There"!

Have you decided that a big traditional wedding is just not your thing?

Maybe you have been married before and you’ve already splurged on the big day and now you would like to focus more on the two of you rather than a long guest list. Or maybe this is your first wedding and you’ve decided that spending a lot of money is not an indication of how meaningful your nuptials will be.

Whatever the circumstances or whatever the reasons, Take Me There is here to make your sailing elopement memorable.

As a Florida notary, Kimberly is a Florida licensed wedding officiant and loves helping you plan your vows.

Get to know Kimberly and see her credentials.

Whatever the reason, and whatever the season, you are thinking of just going to the courthouse and getting married there. BUT WAIT! This is a VERY special day. Do you want to just get married and not have the experience of having a wedding? NEVER!

You deserve exceptional and that’s just what we are going to give you aboard Take Me There.

After you get your marriage license, come on over to Burnt Store Marina – a beautiful, gated community less than 15 miles from the Charlotte County Courthouse on East Marion Ave in Punta Gorda. Board Take Me There, and enjoy saying your vows at the bow of our 60 ft sailboat.

But wait – there’s more! Spend 3 hours in the marina aboard our 60 ft vessel and enjoy your day. After your ceremony, you will enjoy a champagne toast, hors d’oeuvres, and a personal wedding cake to celebrate your nuptials. You will raise the “JUST MARRIED” flag and enjoy the beginning of your happily-ever-after life. You will receive 15-25 electronic photos of your time together aboard Take Me There as a treasured keepsake of your Florida elopement.

Let us pamper you – just say Take Me There.

There is so much more than just the ceremony! You need a full day on the water – 8 hours of fun in the sun! And oh yea- a wedding ceremony too! We will set sail from Burnt Store Marina 8 hours prior to sunset (depending on the time of year, the departure and arrival times will change). You will enjoy drinks and hors d’ourves onboard while we sail for a few hours. Once we anchor, you will have an opportunity to get in the water and enjoy time in our party floats or kayaking or just being together listening to music or just deepening that wedding tan for upcoming photos!

We will be decorating the bow of the boat and preparing for your ceremony. Freshen up in our luxurious master stateroom and prepare for your customized ceremony.

After your ceremony, you will enjoy a champagne toast, your first dance, a scrumptious lunch prepared in our commercial galley, followed by your personal wedding cake. Beer, wine, packaged cocktails, and soft drinks will be flowing all day as well as more hors d’oeuvres.

You will enjoy a sunset on deck before we enter the marina and you conclude your Florida elopement aboard Take Me There.

Bring up to 4 guests for just $99 per guest.

If 8 hours is still not enough time for you to enjoy everything you want, how about 10 hours to include not only lunch and hors d’oerves but also dinner onboard. Everything in our silver package- plus dinner, more time to enjoy being on the water and relaxing, plus an electronic picture frame with all your favorite photos. Your gourmet dinner will be grilled to perfection including the choicest meat or seafood of your choice.

Your 10 hour Gold Elope Afloat also allows you more time for pampering. Let us arrange for a masseuse to come aboard for a pre-wedding massage. Or how about a personal mani-pedi session to start off your special day. Should we have a violinist or keyboardist onboard for your special day? How about a professional seascape photographer for over-the-top photos that go beyond Take Me There? These and more can all be arranged because you have selected more time for your special day (Additional fees will apply).

We encourage you to bring up to 4 guests for only $150 per guest.

Looking to involve others in your experience through live streaming? This is the package for you! Lights, camera, action is what your platinum Elope Afloat is all about. We have an extra crew member on board for this amazing experience to ensure that all the angles are right and cameras are rolling to capture all the excitement of the day for your virtual guests. We will set it all up for you and ensure that everyone is involved in your live plus virtual Elope Afloat. You’ll have over 11 hours onboard for preparation time, lunch, ceremony, dancing, cake cutting, and many picture taking moments at sea. This is one event your family and friends will not want to miss. Bring your four guests with you for just $150 per guest and then let us involve all of your other family and friends from afar so they can clap their hands and offer virtual hugs.

This package is designed especially for those couples who have lots of important people spread out in lots of places. It’s tough bringing them all together, so let’s have them get involved from afar. They will even get to enjoy a Florida sunset from Take Me There. We are here to help create exceptional memories for you and your family. Just say Take Me There!

As with everything aboard Take Me There- you have options so you can make this day everything you dreamed of!

If there is something you want, that you don’t see listed here, JUST ASK. The answer is YES, now what is the question!

And remember- after your Elope Afloat, you can choose to stay onboard for your all-inclusive honeymoon. Take a look at our All-Inclusive Honeymoon experiences. When you book a honeymoon with your Elope Afloat you save 15% off of your Elope Afloat and your honeymoon!

Let Us Prepare Everything For You

Let us prepare everything for you – from the cake to the flowers to the photography, to the meals, to the locations and destinations that will make your heart sing and your spirit soar. We will pamper you and take care of all the details so that all you have to do is enjoy your sailboat elopement experience.

Eloping in Florida could not be easier and more memorable than this! If you have ever dreamed of a simple but elegant Florida elopement – just say “Take Me There”.

We have Elope Afloat options to meet every desire and every budget. All options include the beautiful venue of our 60 ft sailboat, Kimberly as your officiant and planner, a champagne toast, personal wedding cake, filing of the marriage license, and photos. WOW! Could it get any easier than this?

And remember- we are all about options! If you want a hair stylist on board, a pianist, a special cake flavor, or anything else, please just ask. We love making sure all the details are in place for your special sailboat elopement.

We take care of everything so all you need to do is relax and enjoy your sailboat elopement. Just say, “TAKE ME THERE!”

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For Florida Residents

Florida law requires that you take a premarital course prior to obtaining your marriage license OR you can skip the premarital course, but you must wait three days between obtaining your marriage license and having your marriage officiated. Be sure to bring your marriage license with you when you board Take Me There. If you still have a waiting period before we can officiate the wedding, let’s get the honeymoon started and we can officiate your ceremony after your required waiting period ends at a beautiful anchorage under the stars, at sunrise, sunset or anytime in between.

Professional Officiant: Proud Member, Officiant Directory