Full Day Sail with Scattering of Ashes
Celebration of Life | Scattering of Ashes

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If you would like a scattering of ashes at sea, in order to comply with EPA guidelines, we must travel outside the mandated 3 nautical miles limit and requires a full day charter. Take Me There will provide an honorable position report as a certificate of your loved ones’ release to the sea. Please remember to bring your container for scattering of the ashes. There are many types of biodegradable containers to choose from and it’s important that you select the one that best meets your desires.

As we celebrate the life of your loved one, we will ensure that we create your desired mood with appropriate music, food, photos and conversations.  Contact Us if you would like to discuss any details about how we can ensure that we honor your loved one according to their final wishes.

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Scattering of Ashes Full Day Sail

$1,495 for 6 Guests

Come aboard for a day of sailing with the intention of celebrating the life of your loved one. We will play the music of your choice, prepare your loved one’s favorite food, celebrate their life with stories and create a meaningful final memory of your dearly departed.

There are several options for ensuring a respectful scattering of cremains. An open scattering at the bow of Take Me There where ashes are released to the water by the wind creates a feeling of revival, freedom, and being encircled by your loved one. A closed scattering, in which the ashes are held in an environmentally friendly container and placed gently in the water, creates quiet feelings of peace and serenity. Whether you choose an open or a closed release of cremains, Take Me There is prepared to honor your loved one and help you create a lasting memorable experience.

As an end-of-life doula who accompanies individuals during their final passage, Kimberly has great respect for the importance of the rituals that take place at the end of one’s life to assist in the grieving process as well as to honor people’s legacies. Kimberly and Steve appreciate the opportunity to create a respectful celebration of life ceremony for your immediate family and friends.

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$1,495.00 For 6 Guests

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