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Thank you from Take Me There

Thank you from Take Me There!

We want to take a few minutes to express our sincerest THANK YOU to all of you who have sailed with us in the last year and a half. We do not take our business relationships for granted and we are so grateful that you said TAKE ME THERE!

As many of you know, we spent 2020 in the Salt Creek Marina and DIY Boatyard with Take Me There up on land while we literally tore her apart and then put her back together in order to create the most beautiful vintage boat (as well as the safest) that would also meet restaurant standards. We spent a year being dirty! But we learned so much and enjoyed the journey.

Take Me There at Salt Creek Marina

We did not know whether we could make this private sailing charter business work– especially during COVID. We were experiencing supply chain issues and not being able to get parts, we struggled to get the qualified labor to help us (so we just did it ourselves), and there was so much about opening a restaurant with a beer/wine license that we did not know. Many times we felt like we were flying blind. But one thing we were always sure of- we believe in giving exceptional service, having a great time, and treating people fairly and with respect.

After a year of renovations, we called a few dear friends and asked them to accompany us on our maiden voyage as a sailing charter boat to Burnt Store Marina in Punta Gorda. Thank you, Michelle, Joanne, and Chris!

Friends aboard Take Me There

Within a few days of putting our signs up in the marina, the phone started ringing and it was time to actually do the work that we had been planning and preparing to do! As a licensed restaurant with a beer and wine license, we quickly became known as the go-to charter for special events.

We want to say THANK YOU to all of you who called on us to host family gatherings,


honeymooners aboard Take Me There


Annoversary aboard Take Me There

Many birthdays,

birthday aboard Take Me There

And many, many family and friends gatherings!

friends gathering aboard Take Me There

We did lots of eating!

food aboard Take Me There

LOTS of drinking!

Drinks aboard Take Me There

And of course, we did lots of sailing and enjoyed a lot of amazing sunsets and beautiful Florida skies!

Florida Sky

We kayaked, floated, swam, snorkeled, enjoyed the beaches, and most importantly made INCREDIBLE MEMORIES! For all of these amazing experiences, we want to say THANK YOU! We hope that we have given you opportunities to have memories that you will reflect on over and over again.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you. Thank you for welcoming us into your life events. And thank you for trusting us to help you create unforgettable memories.  Take a look at our short video that shows you more memories made aboard Take Me There.

And if all of this was not exciting enough, we have a lot more exciting things happening onboard Take Me There.

  • We have now partnered with NauticEd to provide sailing instruction
  • We have our CUA (Commercial Use Authorization) to charter in the Dry Tortugas
  • We just finished installing our new dive compressor so we can provide you with multi-day diving experiences in the Florida Keys and Dry Tortugas.

Our online calendar is always up to date so you can visit our website anytime and see if your desired date is available. Remember- we love planning special events so be sure to let us know if you are celebrating something special or are looking to make this an “over the top” memory. We will take care of all the details. And if you want something special- just ask. We will do everything we can to say YES.

We look forward to making more beautiful memories with you! Thank you for saying, “TAKE ME THERE”


Beautiful Sunset

We launched Take Me ThKimberly and Steveere Sailing as a private sailing charter business in January 2020. After spending a year in the boatyard renovating our 1975 Gulfstar, we brought Take Me There to Burnt Store Marina in January 2021. We’ve been having a blast hosting customers aboard Take Me There since March. During this first year in business we have figured out what our customers want (You wanted Daysails so we added 1/2 day and full-day charters) and we also figured out what our customers really like (The comfortable deck chairs and the food have received the most glowing comments so far!)

When we moved the boat to Burnt Store, we were not even sure that we would be able to keep this business afloat- but thanks to your decisions to book Take Me There for your family outings, honeymoons, anniversaries, birthdays, and end of life celebrations- we realized that we are offering something that you want- so we are excited to move into our second year here in Punta Gorda. Please keep saying “Take Me There”!

Like any successful business, we are starting to think about our next steps. And we felt that the next most important piece of our business was to update our website to broaden our reach of potential customers. We found the BEST website partner E’s Website Design. Eleina helped us to reconceptualize our business and make some fresh updates while optimizing our site for advanced web searches, greater online stability, and faster processing speeds. We are excited to launch our new website in the near future and get your feedback. Please keep telling us what you want and we will keep listening. We want to continue to “enrich lives through exceptional experiences” and we strongly believe that YOU DESERVE EXCEPTIONAL! All you have to say is Take Me There!

Private Sailboat Charters this Week

WOW! What an incredible week this has been. And we are so thankful to everyone who came out and enjoyed special events with us.

We started the week with a full day sail. Laura and Dave were hosting Laura’s sister and brother n law and their two children. What a fun family outing!! Due to light winds, we mostly motored to Cayo Costa State Park. We enjoyed a lunch of my tropical chicken salad, with sides of Caribbean coleslaw and seafood salad. After arriving at Cayo Costa State Park, it was time to get the dinghy in the water and get to the mangroves to see the manatees. During the two hours that we were anchored, there was time for swimming, kayaking, shelling on the beach, and walking around the state park. Let’s not forget about time for lounging on the deck with a glass of wine too! The day ended with a magnificent sunset and everyone smiling and laughing as they disembarked. What a fun-filled day!

But that was just the beginning of the week!

Then we moved into a half day sail with John and his wife and their niece and great-niece. And boy was she a GREAT niece. Amy was thrilled to lounge on deck and take in the sunshine while here for spring break from up north. We had an amazing 4 hour sail. Steve was overjoyed to have an opportunity to share the helm with John and tell him a bit about trimming the sails. Lunch was served and then we headed back to Burnt Store Marina. Amy really wanted to try kayaking. Since we only book one sail a day, while we started cleaning up the boat, Steve dropped two of our hard kayaks in the water for Amy and John to enjoy a bit of paddling around Burnt Store Marina. Steve and I started Take Me There Sailing with the mission to “Enrich lives through exceptional experiences”. We are always glad to say YES to something if that is going to bring a smile to someone’s face. Life is too short to say NO.


We ended the week with a dinner and an overnight sail to celebrate Jerry and Kristen’s anniversary. The winds were perfect and we were able to get Take Me There cruising at 6.5 knots on our way to a little anchorage near Alligator Creek. It was a perfect anniversary celebration! We bought some flowers for Kristen and Jerry and enjoyed praying at the bow before throwing a few flowers overboard as a gift to the sea. We are all about having fun and making memories- and what a great memory it was.


We now have a few days with no charters booked so we are heading back to our home in New Port Richey. With my birthday this week, it’s time to focus on us, our friends, and our family. We love our new friends that we are hosting aboard Take Me There, but we also want to stay connected with our neighbors and family. It’s time for some yoga, golf, wine with my besties, and quiet time with my wonderful husband. Take Me There!

We’ll be back at Burnt Store Marina next week and prepping for the next charters. Stay tuned for more of our sailing adventure stories. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to be a part of your story.  We are abundantly blessed.