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Take Me There Sailing

We have much to be thankful for at Take Me There Sailing!

On February 7, 2020 we sailed Take Me There into Salt Creek Marina in St. Petersburg, Florida for the beginning of the adventure of renovating our boat in order to put it into professional chartering for Take Me There Sailing. We originally thought that Take Me There would just be getting a facelift, you know – checking out the rigging, a new paint job, and a few new mechanical parts to ensure that she was beautiful and safe for our customers.

Well, that plan quickly morphed into something SO much bigger. We started looking at all the things that would define EXCEPTIONAL for our customers and just kept adding more items to our renovation list. In the business world I called this phenomena “scope creep”. While we originally planned to be in the boatyard about 4 months, we are now approaching month 10!

But it has all been worth it! And so in this initial post of Take Me There Sailing, I would like to extend a great big THANK YOU to the vendors who went out of their way to make this transformation of Take Me There possible. We are so grateful to you! If you are a boat DIYer, start with this list of vendors for exceptional service!

The Yacht Rigger – When it comes to taking masts off the boat and knowing what it takes to create the safest and easiest rigging for a sailboat, THESE PEOPLE ARE THE BEST! We spent the first three months of our renovation journey in their shop redoing all of our standing and running rigging, all the electrical wiring, and painting the masts a beautiful glossy white. What a great experence!

Pinellas Fastener – What would a day in the boatyard be like without needing nuts, bolts, screws, or clamps? The friendly service of the folks at Pinellas Fastener made our lives easier when it came to new stainless steel hardware.

Fiberglass CoatingsTake Me There needed a lot of surface fiberglass repair, and these were the folks that provided the resin, epoxy, fiberglass cloth, and all the accessories. They saw me coming in the door and were ready to start filling my basket. Ask for Tim or Ryan or any of the other service assistants, and you can’t go wrong!

Stoneworks – Finding a company to install new kitchen countertops on a boat (at a reasonable price) was one of the biggest challenges. There are no right angles on a boat and templating a countertop is not something many companies want to do. We purchased the Corian countertop through Home Depot and through their subcontract with Stoneworks, we received the BEST service and the BEST product. I LOVE my galley! I can’t wait to share some of my cooking creations with you.

Stephen D Fine Cabinetry – Finding new cabinets for my new custom designed kitchen was also a challenge.  Who knew that EVERYONE would use 2020 to remodel their kitchens and baths and there would be a 6-9 month wait for custom cabinets? But not with Stephen D Fine! Brian fit me into his busy schedule, called me back promptly, and found a way to get me 19 new custom door and drawer fronts in 3 weeks. AMAZING! Be sure to tell Brian that Kimberly sent you.

Wise Bond – One of my new skills is epoxy pouring. We had a few areas on the boat that needed durable surfaces with a splash of color- both bathroom countertops, dressers in one of the cabins and the buffet space in the main salon. I could not have mastered these projects without the assistance of Wise Bond. Their mica powder colorants are THE BEST! Come oogle at our countertops and then ask me for tips. I am always happy to share my experiences.

Prestige Mobile Marina Upholstery – The enclosed cockpit that Steve built while we were in Maryland needed new comfortable cushions. Bob was the man to call! He made great recommendations, measured precisely, and delivered our new cushions early. We are so excited to have you come lounge in the cockpit with us!

Salt Creek Marina – And lets not forget our home for the last 10 months! Tom and the rest of the folks at Salt Creek were wonderful to work with. We worked tirelessly for the last 10 months to renovate our boat in order to be able to offer you an exceptional sailing experience at Take Me There Sailing. We could not have done this without Salt Creek Marina opening their boatyard to us in order for us to complete the job.

On behalf of Steve and I and our new all-inclusive sailing charter business, Take Me There Sailing, I would like to say THANK YOU to all of these vendors and express to you how grateful we are for your attention to detail, responsiveness, and high quality work. We would not be able to start this endeavor without you. Our mission at Take Me There Sailing is Enriching Lives Through Exceptional Experiences. From the bottom of our hearts – we want to thank these companies for enriching our lives. We are looking forward to hosting you aboard Take Me There – because YOU DESERVE EXCEPTIONAL! Contact us to plan your next exceptional adventure!