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Best Florida Elopement

Best Florida Elopement Option is now Take Me There Sailing

Take Me There Sailing is adding another new option to our sailing packages! We are now your best Florida elopement option. When our customers ask for something, we want to be able to say, “Absolutely!” and when a recent guest asked us if they could get married aboard Take Me There, the answer was “Well, I guess”, and that was definitely not the answer we wanted to be giving to our customers. Our mission is to enrich lives through exceptional experiences, and that response was definitely not the exceptional experience that we strive for. So we started looking into what it would take to have our guests get married aboard Take Me There.

Sure- we could hire a minister- but the officiant is the MOST important part of the wedding ceremony and we struggled with partnering with just the right person. We have no problem partnering with photographers, makeup/hairstylists, florists, or bakeries. But the officiant has to be someone special. We say that we are an “all-inclusive” charter- and we take that word ALL-INCLUSIVE very seriously; especially when it comes to creating lifelong partnerships between two people who love and devote their lives to each other. We are ALL-INCLUSIVE of our guests, not just the services that we provide to our guests.  And what if we partnered with a Florida wedding officiant who does not embody the same inclusive values that we do? That would be a disaster to our couples who are looking for the best Florida elopement.

So, what was our next option? Well, since Kimberly is the Chief Experience Officer, it’s her job to create exceptional customer experiences. So— she became a Florida notary in order to provide you with the best Florida elopement. Did you know that Florida is one of four states in the United States that permit notaries to legalize marriages? (Just in case you are wondering, the other three states that permit notaries to perform weddings are Nevada, South Carolina, and Maine.)

So Kimberly took the training, purchased the required insurance, and received her commission as a notary public in the state of Florida. This provides her with the necessary credentials to be a Florida wedding officiant. (Be sure to know the rules of getting married in Florida). Now Kimberly is licensed to officiate weddings aboard Take Me There. Well, there’s a little more to officiating a wedding than just having the credentials.  It’s important to choose a Florida wedding officiant that meets your needs for your special day. So why should you choose Kimberly and Take Me There Sailing? Take a look at a few reasons why to choose Take Me There for your best Florida elopement.

Here are the advantages of being married by Kimberly aboard Take Me There so that you can experience the best Florida elopement:

  1. Kimberly has her Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership with a focus on human flourishing. She will do everything possible to ensure that you have the best Florida elopement. Kimberly is warm, genuine, fun, spiritual, creative, and a great listener – all the characteristics you need in an officiant who will create the best Florida elopement. Kimberly is ready to customize your special day with sincerity, passion, and an eye for detail.
  2. Take Me There is all about making memories and creating experiences that are memorable. If you are considering getting married at the courthouse, think again and consider this… Come aboard Take Me There in the morning, bring a special dress to wear and makeup. You can enjoy a day of sailing, plus stopping at a beach to have fun and take pictures. Then get married at sunset, enjoy a tantalizing dinner aboard under the stars, stay the night aboard, and then sail back to the marina the next day. Yes, this is more expensive than a justice of the peace ceremony. But it is much less than a big wedding. Your experience aboard Take Me There will create the best Florida elopement and a lifetime of beautiful memories.
  3. Embrace the fun! Sometimes, a wedding can be stressful, demanding, and tiring. Is that what you want to remember about your wedding day? How about remembering it as fun, carefree, and pampered? Our job is to help create positive feelings about your day and that’s what we strive for in order to create the best Florida elopement.
  4. We love options! A wedding is all about YOU. And we know that. Our goal is to ensure that you have the very best Florida elopement. Please tell us what you want and we will do everything we can to make that happen. Our packages include basic flowers and cake. But if you want something special- JUST ASK! YES is the answer- now what is the question? Do you want a pianist to be playing music on the dock? Do you want to arrive at the marina by helicopter? Do you want a special kind of cake? Or special unity ceremony items? The answer is YES WE CAN DO THAT! (extra charges will apply). We make it simple by creating packages- but we are available to customize if you have something in mind in order to create the best Florida elopement for you.
  5. What would the best Florida elopement be if it didn’t have food and drinks? We know how important food and drinks are to any event- but especially at a Florida elopement. Take Me There is a licensed restaurant that also serves beer and wine. So drink up! We will make sure that you enjoy tantalizing treats all day long on your wedding day.
  6. A justice of the peace ceremony is 20 minutes, a typical big wedding is usually just 4 hours, but a Florida elopement on Take Me There lasts all day long! So come aboard and enjoy your day. Let’s sail, listen to music, eat, drink, eat some more, drink some more, and take lots of pictures of your special Florida elopement. Eloping has never been this much fun! Coming aboard Take Me There is the best Florida elopement.

We look forward to you perusing our website and reviewing the packages we offer and then calling us to discuss the details. We are here because YOU DESERVE EXCEPTIONAL and YOU DESERVE THE BEST FLORIDA ELOPEMENT!