What Shall We Do While Take Me There Is Grounded?

With both of us being planners, does it surprise you that we developed a plan for while Take Me There was being worked on? We actually planned to take a vacation and then determined that while we were away would be the perfect time for Take Me There to receive a facelift. I can’t think of anything better than taking a vacation! But this is not just any vacation- this is a celebration of our five year anniversary plus the successful completion of my PhD. Two fabulous reasons to celebrate. But where should we go? I have always wanted to visit Italy- a place of romance, art, history, and culture… and a place that seems to call to me in my dreams. What began as a 10 day quick view of the highlights of the Rome evolved into four weeks beginning in Rome but not ending there! Rome , Naples, Perugia, Florence, and Venice became the points of interest to explore. Four weeks would provide plenty of time for Take Me There projects to be completed while also permitting us ample time to meander through these inviting cities.

After seven months of planning, the day has finally come- Our plane departs tomorrow morning! We are leaving Take Me There in the capable hands of Herrington Harbour North in Deale, MD while we drink in some lemoncello and savor the Italian cuisine. Look for more details of our Italian escapades over the next four weeks…. Take Me There!