Waiting for Parts in Southport, NC.

We arrived in Southport, NC on Sunday 15 October 2017 to wait out an approaching cold front. I took a look at the ICW options from Southport to Georgetown/Charleston, SC and decided not to negotiate this particular stretch of the ICW due to tide timing through the Shallotte inlet, the Folleys and the Rockpile.  It was best to wait for winds to drop below 25 knots and take the outside route…so here we are…waiting.

We ordered some parts – one of our water maker pressure vessels sprung a leak (cracked end plug).  This system has served us well for 5 years with little to no repair.  The old pressure vessels were fiberglass and parts are no longer available for them.  The new ones are stainless and should last many years.  We are expecting the water maker parts today and will get those in place to run another BAC-T (bacterialogical test) sample on our run to Charleston.

Our fresh water system pump was running (slowly) – indicating that there was either a leak or the pump itself was bad (it was new spare).  Well – it was the pump – which is now replaced and we rotated the faulty one to the “repair” bin which I will tackle when I have some time.

We continue to catch up on “ankle-biter” projects as we sit waiting for our Friday departure which include:

  • Adding a salt water line to the forward head for the Lectrasan (Marine Sanitation Device).
  • Adding a salt water wash-down line to the stern for clean-up jobs that we don’t want to waste precious fresh water on like cleaning the puppy pad, washing off the RIB and cleaning fish on the gutting table (whenever we use it).
  • Adding an on/off switch to the two mizzen mast cameras (so they don’t eat power when not in use).
  • Raising our radar reflector device on the mainmast so BIG ships will pay attention to us.
  • Changing out the small American Flag for a larger one on the mizzen topping lift.
  • Cleaning the solar panels.
  • Cleaning the diesel exhaust reside off the stern and the RIB hull.
  • …and just generally cleaning up from being off-shore.

With the exception of the cold front passing through, the weather has been sunny (albeit windy) these past few days (for being at the dock).  It got chilly a few nights as we longed for warmer climes – itching to continue South – but we added a comforter to the bed and we were toasty.

We hope to leverage some N, NNE and E winds at 15-20 for our outside run toward Charleston.  This will be our first opportune time to do some filming under sail – we are excited.

Stay tuned!