The New Crew

Jake and Frank have joined Steve and Gus as crew aboard SV Take Me There.  We met these two gentlemen on Cruisers Forum and our mutual schedules and desires synch’d nicely so Kimberly & David flew back to the US from Nassau Bahamas to get David started in his new Maryland life and Jake and Frank flew in to join the boat.

After spending a few days at a marina in Nassau awaiting parts for the water maker, SV Take Me There is off again exploring the Exumas for another six weeks.  Our first two days sailing were wonderful – getting out of Nassau Harbour and riding an Easterly wind (somewhat close-hauled) to Norman’s Cay.  Both Frank & Jake are a great fit on the boat.  Jake is a sailing instructor and Frank has plenty of sailing experience.  Both have already taught me (Steve) a few things that just make the experience better!  

Gus has adjusted well to our new crew members and looks forward to his nightly tug of war with Jake, and to Frank’s attention.  I (Steve) continue to be the “parent” with Gus making sure he obeys the rules and keeps up with his onboard training.  

All systems aboard are performing well and it’s a real joy not to have to repair anything after arriving in our first few anchorages after a great sail each day.  Winds have been Easterly @ 10-17 allowing close hauled and beam reach sailing without the motor.

Norman’s Cay was uneventful as we anchored and rested after our first day out.  We next hauled the anchor and set off for Shroud Cay for a brief snorkeling orientation and to make some standing rigging adjustments to the main shrouds (with the Loos tension Gage).  Jake had adjusted the Jib sheet cars further aft to better trim the jib, while close hauled, and it made a huge difference but it also showed me that the shroud guys were a bit soft and needed some tightening.

From Norman’s Cay, we pointed toward Shroud Cay to target some coral formations there on the North side of the island.  The sail to Shroud was better than the day before, averaging 5-6 knots under Jake’s tutelage.  Upon arrival at Shroud, the crew suited up and spent some time in the water getting used to their snorkeling gear.

I’m (Steve) really enjoying these guys aboard.  They are quickly becoming a great team, wonderful mentors, and are really helping me “see” the boat.  I’m pleased to have this opportunity with them and to scratch a mutual itch to get out there and “do it!”

We sailed the next day to Warderick Wells and moored in the beautiful North anchorage for two days.  The weather was squally on day one but gorgeous on day two.  Gus got plenty of shore time and even swam once!  He’s getting more and more comfortable with the water each time out.  Jake and Frank explored Boo Boo Hill and we snorkeled the coral garden amidst 20 or so young people from a tour boat.

The next few days are expected to be very light on sailing winds so we are planning to slowly wander South toward Staniel Cay.


Stay Tuned!