The Nassau Adventure

It’s been a while since posting…we made Nassau on 21 March after back-tracking North up the Exumas through Highbourne Cay, across the Middleground and into the Nassau Harbor. The photo below is of our dock in Nassau Harbor Marina.  Several reasons for our detour…basically everyone on the boat,  but the Captain, has a plane ticket bound for the US. No… it’s not mutiny…for David, it’s the end of his time with us aboard Take Me There. He is going off (after a year) to start anew in Maryland. Brandon is leaving us as it is the end of his crewing commitment with greater responsibilities pressing on him…like going back to work as a Neuro Psychologist. Kimberly is flying back to take care of some family and corporate business for us and she will re-join the boat in 6 weeks.

Two new crew members (Frank and Jake) will join us in Nassau to finish up our Bahamas exploration with Steve at the helm and Gus supervising. Since our last post, we’ve had some plan changes. Given a recent contract opportunity for Kimberly and the fact that this Bahamian winter has been so squirrelly…we will not continue South to Grenada this year. There just isn’t enough time to balance hurricane season pressures with leisurely travel to enjoy the journey so we will point the boat back toward the Exumas with some “guest crew” to experience this beautiful place a bit more and then make sail for an East-West crossing of the Gulf Stream 2nd week of May as we steer SV Take Me There for Tampa and St Pete FL by way of Key West. Kimberly will re-join us in Key West for the last leg up the Gulf Coast Of FL to snuggle the boat in at St Pete and plan for the next adventure while doing some land time at home.

So – why the change? A number of reasons:

– Not enough time between now and hurricane season to enjoy the path to Grenada (almost 1200 miles).
– Too many countries to deal with customs for Gus.
– Reports indicate that many of the places we wanted to visit are still in the infancy stages of recovery making comfortable resupply a challenge.
– Insurance will likely sky-rocket (as a result of Irma detestation) as we are set for renewal in August and there are too many unknowns to take the chance of being stuck 800-1200 miles from the US with few options other than paying the expected exorbitant premiums…better to have a hurricane haul-out plan at home base than stress over premium coverage issues.
– Finally – we will enjoy the boat just as much based in Tampa and doing shorter seasonal hops to tropical places…plus we get to enjoy our home base friends as well.
Does this mean we are ending our cruising adventure…no. It simply means we have made the best cruising decision for “us.”

We will continue to film, blog and share our adventures while adding many other activities into the story!

Next stop…Exumas for the elusive lobster and spear fishing that we haven’t yet scratched the itch on.

Stay Tuned…