The Adventure Begins!

We mark our very first post with a little background and history.  Since we purchased SV Take Me There in late 2012, we spent a year learning and shaking down the boat.  We have invested lots of time and energy in making her our own.  Many upgrades, changes for both convenience and to support a live-aboard lifestyle, as well as the never-ending maintenance necessary to keep a big boat healthy, clean and safe was our primary goal.  Mission accomplished!

We are not new to living aboard – been doing it since 2014.  Now it time to open the “cruising” chapter of our lives and document the adventure.  So – what’s the plan?  Read on…

Although cruising plans are always written in pencil there is always a general direction and vision.  One word…SOUTH!…where its warmer! Warm is the principal environment we move toward as we ready ourselves to depart the Chesapeake Bay and head down the East Coast toward a Bahamas crossing in December.  We do have a long-term plan but revealing that would be fruitless – since it is also written in pencil (and we have a BIG eraser).  This year’s goal is to never see average daily temps that require more than a single clothing layer (preferably shorts and short sleeves)…and, of course, not needing shoes!  The only reason imaginable to wear shoes (and socks – uuuugh!…) is because it is directed in the dress code of the invitation we may choose to accept (key word being choose).

We are now retired…still young (early 50’s).  We have saved well.  We are both consulting in our fields of expertise but at our own pace.  Children are all out on their own.  Our first grandchild has arrived and we will dote upon her with tenacious energy.  We are debt free.  We own and maintain a shore-based home that we don’t rent out and we live aboard full-time.  We are excited to chronicle our preparation and adventure through this website so that others can learn, share, experience with us.

As the “Captain,” I (Steve) will focus on boat stuff in my site posts/contributions.  I am an experienced sailor working towards my Captain’s license.  I am an avid DIY’er – hungry to learn new things but I’m also quite handy.    The “Admiral” (Kimberly) will focus on travel, the humanity of our new lifestyle and the “Journey” we are on to better ourselves through other people we encounter. The “First Mate” (David – our son) will accompany us for this first year and chronicle our journey through photography and video.

Bear with us as our site evolves.