The Admiral – Kimberly Mitchell

Ask me and I'll tell you!

Sailing was not a part of my past, but it is DEFINITELY now a part of my future! Until Steve and I got married in 2011, I never would have dreamed of even owning boat, let alone living on one. I was a die-hard land-lover... I grew up in NJ, move to Florida when David was a year old, started my own consulting firm in 2000, and decided to pursue a master's degree and then a doctorate in Organizational Leadership. Now that I have completed my educational dreams, I am ready to explore new places while continuing to write and research on the topic of human flourishing. What keeps me up at night? - Wondering if I have successfully fulfilled God's plan for me that day. What gets me up in the morning? The excitement of what lies ahead of me for that day! I love planning (trips, meals, adventures, projects, and anything else that needs brain power) and I really enjoy engaging with people (I'm the extrovert on this boat!) I look forward to writing more about our adventures and possibly inspiring others to dive into this exciting lifestyle on the water.