Stuck on the Boat in the Caribbean?

Believe it or not, we have days (as cruisers) where conditions aren’t all roses, rainbows and unicorns. It might be sunny but blowing like stink! Might be calm but raining…although rare. It may be a perfect anchorage but your boat just can’t squeeze in (draft or anchoring space). The trip from the boat to a land or water spot in the tender might be an easy ride in, but a sloppy, wet ride back home. Well…the picture becomes clear – you must accept conditions you are in to do what you want. Sometimes we don’t (accept the conditions) and just stay aboard or move to a more suitable location…which is one great thing about a boat!

We like to explore. We like to get off the boat, so that becomes our primary goal in each new place…otherwise, why go? When we do – we enrich our lives with new experiences. When we don’t, we enjoy each other and (of course) do boat projects since there is always something to fix or improve on an cruising boat.

Since our arrival and subsequent path through the Bahamas, we’ve spent a lot of time aboard due to weather (conditions). Although we’ve seen a lot of cool sites, beautiful water and wildlife…it hasn’t yet been the “postcard” experience but Kimberly reminds me that this is a marathon, not a dash. Plus, we are retired and can take our time getting from one place to another…patience grasshopper! Our best and most engaging exploration adventure was Spanish Wells and the car trip down the Eluethera land mass!…while waiting on weather to ease up.

So…what do we do when we are “stuck” aboard and what do we mean by “stuck”? Let’s start with the latter first. “Stuck” to us means we can’t (or don’t want to) leave the boat. It’s either too dark, too rough, there’s nothing close by to explore, it’s raining or we’re just too tired. If any or all is true, what now? First and foremost..the BIG “R”…relax. Then there are “aboard chores” like making and heating water, laundry, cleaning up from the last sail or setting up for the next one. Today, we -provisioned from our deeply stored supplies (mainly canned goods – way down in back of cupboards and cabinets) to replenish the stores we’ve used (in the spaces we can easily reach) over the past few months. I consider this a free shopping trip!

A few days of “stuck on the boat” weather (very windy) kept us on a mooring ball in Shroud Cay. Although we ventured out a few times, it was just too uncomfortable to get the dinghy down and back up again on our davits due to wrap-around from the island and wind chop. So…more “stuck on the boat” activities like playing Monopoly, narrating videos and blogging. Kimberly cooks as her primary “stuck” activity. Fortunately, Steve put the cell phone 63 ft u the mast and found a signal good enough for Internet!…Ahhhh….Internet!…even ay out here in the Northern Exumas.

When wind turned the right direction, we set sail for Wardwick Wells Cay To explor the Center Of the Exumas Land and Sea Park. After waiting a day for a mooring ball, we settle into the North anchorage in calm (some current) waters of the coral garden. Good bye “stuck on the boat” conditions…hello “get back into the water” environment!

Stay Tuned!