So thankful for my battle buddy

My work with InterWeave has required me to travel quite a bit over the years and so I have become accustomed to the weariness that comes with solo trips- including carrying my own bags, trying to fit me and my overstuffed bags into small bathroom stalls, and hoisting luggage into the overhead compartments- just to name a few of the challenges of traveling by myself. So, to have Steve with me for four weeks of continual shlepping on our excursion through Italy was such an incredible treat. There are so many things to love about Steve, but I especially adore him for opening doors for me, urging me to walk in front of him so he can keep his eye on me, and carrying my bags without even though he knows that I am fully capable of lugging them myself. To make our Italy trip amazing, it took both of us putting our skills together- my attention to detail and his muscle strength (and great sense of direction!) I am so grateful for his love and support! It is so nice to work together and contribute the strengths that God gave to us to making this relationship the best it can be.

Living on a boat puts us continually in close quarters. Showing our appreciation and respect for each other on a regular basis keeps the love flowing freely in this small space- a necessity for keeping the peace and helping us to work well together. Here’s to my fabulous husband. Thank you for being the best battle buddy ever and for loving me with all your heart and soul. ILYSM!  TAKE ME THERE!