Puppy Poop Issues

I’ve had several family and friends ask how Gus is doing. Up until about a week ago, he was doing great! Then something happened, and we are not yet quite sure what it was. Gus developed a bad case of diarrhea. Not a very fun topic and maybe a bit personal, but definitely something to address to educate others on how to deal with this difficult, and potentially life-threatening situation for a puppy. A dog’s poop tells you a lot about a dog’s overall health- whether they have ingested something not good for them, as well as how their kidneys, intestines, liver and heart are functioning. So when Gus’ poop changed so dramatically, so quickly, red flags were going off.

It started last Tuesday night when we started moving Gus to sleeping in his crate. Since Gus has been sleeping with David, or hanging out on the floor in the salon, and even making his way into our bed a few times, Gus was obviously very stressed at the idea of being forced to sleep in his crate. After whining for awhile, we let him out to the bathroom and first identified his runny poop. While changes in puppy poop can be brought on by stress, it can also be brought on by a change in diet, but it can also be a sympton of parasites or a serious intestinal infection. Having never had dogs before, I moved pretty quickly into panic mode and thinking the worst- he’s going to die. You know that commercial featuring the mom with baby one versus how she changes once she has baby two, well, I am definitely the parent of puppy one and tend to freak out at the slightest change in his behavior or mannerisms. While Steve is much more laid back and was convinced it was simply due to stress, by day 3 of runny poop, I was looking for serious solutions.

After trying a few days of white rice and shredded chicken breast (a common solution to overcoming puppy diarrhea) to no avail, it was time to look for new solutions. I think we found the answer… Diatomaceous earth and pureed pumpkin. Thank goodness I had both on board. After two days of 1/2 teaspoon of diatomaceous earth and 1 heaping teaspoon of pureed pumpkin mixed with his dried kibble and a bit of water for his breakfast, lunch and dinner- no more diarrhea! How did I find out about these miracle substances? Research of course!

Diatomaceous earth has been found to remove pinworms, hookworms, and roundworms, and is also found to help cleanse the colon from harmful bacteria so I decided that this would be a good thing to keep on board for Gus. In addition to being good for Gus, diatomaceous earth is also good for us humans to help maintain good digestion. I decided this would be a good thing to have on board. After Gus began having diarrhea, I found out that pureed pumpkin or ground pumpkin seeds are excellent to help cure diarrhea in dogs due to the high fiber content. Research proves to be an important resource to learn about the natural cures for what ails us and our furry family members.

A few key points to keep in mind about these two items. Make sure that you use FOOD GRADE diatomaceous earth- not the same as the kind you use in swimming pools. Secondly, make sure that the pureed pumpkin is NOT pumpkin pie filling but is instead 100% pumpkin with no extra spices, sugar, or additives.

So I am not sure which of those two items did the trick, and maybe it was a combination of both of them, but either way, the good news is that Gus has overcome his first bout of illness and is back to normal pooping and I have successfully survived my first puppy crisis!