No Name Cay To Great Guana Cay – Via the “Whale”

We pulled anchor early on the 31st of January from Manjack Cay headed South. First stop was No Name Cay and Piggyville. This uninhabited island does have inhabitants…pigs. These are not the famed swimming pigs of Staniel Cay, but they are the only residents of this island in the Northern Abacos (except for some chickens). You can read about them here at this link since this post will only cover our interaction with them since we spent about an hour on the island to feed them. Why only a short time visiting?…We had to make the Whale Cut Passage at slack tide to get to Great Guana Cay – our next stop and weather was perfect!

Whale Cut is a narrow slot one must navigate to get from the North to South Abacos. Again, you can read about it here. It is a dangerous place to be during what the locals call rage conditions. Combinations of swell, wind, breakers, shallows and current can be treacherous in the Cut that allows you to exit the Sea of Abaco into the Atlantic Ocean for a brief stint to avoid shallow shoals in thinner passages. Our passage was mild and calm with only a 6 foot swell (period 8 seconds) on our nose.

Once beyond the Whale, we were on to Great Guana Cay. Our destination was Settlement Harbor. We wound up anchoring just North off of Delia’s Cay as the harbor depths were a bit shallow for us in the mooring field. We landed at Grabber’s Bar and Grill Beach which was lovely. Our mission…find the church (for Sunday service); the grocery store for produce and a trash can to drop our onboard found all three! We also re-linked with our friends Brian & Joyce from Pawsitive Latitude.

We enjoyed a few hours, upon arrival, swinging off of the spinnaker pole into the cool Abaco water – one of David’s “cruising bucket list items.” Everybody but Gus got into the act…since he seemed to think that we were throwing “people” into the water and dogs were likely next!… while he watched warily from the cockpit.

  • A short day ashore to explore; visit the local dive shop (for Brandon to wrangle a scuba outing) and then to check out the local grocery for fresh produce…then an early supper at Grabbers Grill.

Saturday was a banner day – Kimberly hit the farmers market stand at Orchid Bay Marina where a local organic farm sells fresh stuff and Steve helped Pawsitive Latitude fix her engine since Parts had arrived…it all turned out well. Engine fixed! Very nice produce haul and a good night’s sleep.

Super Bowl Sunday found us heading to shore for the famous Nippers Bar & Grill for an awesome, sunny day at the BBQ and Super Bowl party.

Gus made lots of friends and Brandon dove into his research with wiling participants who’d had a few too many rum punches!

Please visit our YouTube channel for the videos!…David -You’re doing a great job!!!

Next stop – Marsh Harbour Great Abaco!

Stay Tuned!