Necessity is the Mother of Invention

It has been awhile since I have bragged on my wonderful husband, so I think it is time to share my insights on one of the things that I love the most about him, and one of the greatest traits that he got from his dad. Steve’s mission is to make sure that I want for nothing in this life. He goes out of his way to make sure that I am comfortable, have the things that I want in this life, and enjoy all the little pleasures of this world. So when I say things like, “It’s really hard for me to __________” or “I don’t like how this works” or “I wish I had ______”, Steve is johnny-on-the-spot to find a solution, a change or a new way of doing things so that life will be easier for me.

One of the inventions that I am frequently reminded of is the electric hatches hinges. During the first summe of us living on the boat, Steve would go off to work every day while I stayed on the boat and worked all day. We would spend time in the morning together figuring out the weather for the day to decide if he should open the hatches before he left for work or leave them closed. If he opened them before he left for the office and it started to rain during the day, the hatches are too heavy for me to close by myself. If he left them closed before he left, and it was a particularly warm day, I would again be at a disadvantage because the hatches are too heavy for me to open to let in some fresh air.

All it took was for me to say, “The hatches are too heavy for me to lift myself, I really wish we had some kind of electric mechanism so I could open and close them myself when you are not here.” That was all it took for Steve’s mechanical mind to kick into gear. Before the summer was over, he had installed an electrical arm system to open and close the hatches with a flip of a button. Ahhhh….. self-sufficient to open and close the hatches by myself- what a wonderful thing!

Speaking of hatches, the next issue was the screens to keep out the bugs. We used to have pieces of screening to lay over the hatches to help keep out the bugs, but they had to be rolled up and stored someplace when we were not using them, and then unrolled and laid over the hatch opening when we needed them. What a hassle! “Wouldn’t it be nice if we just had like a screen door over the hatch on the inside so that we wouldn’t have to put this screening up and down all the time?” Steve’s brain went right to work creating screen doors for our hatches! Voila- No more pieces of screening to roll up and store! 

Even though its now been a few years since these hatch screen doors and electrical arms were installed, whenever I look up, I am able to admire Steve’s handy work. And as I am sitting here at the salon table writing this post, parked at the dock in Southport, NC with a light drizzle starting, Steve is reaching up and hitting the button to close the hatches. Even he is enjoying his creative inventions. And to think that it all started by me saying, “Wouldn’t it be nice if…” Necessity is definitely the mother of invention! Thank you Steve for making my life as easy as possible! My heart is happy…