Migrating to Meet Your Needs

When conditions don’t meet your needs-Move! As cherry-cruisers we initially spent a lot of time waiting for wind and sea state to settle so we could enjoy the place we were at. Now, we move to places that have conditions (and activities) that we want!

You rarely have to move far. Sometimes just across the anchorage will do. Other times we may move to another side of an island. It’s all about wind (which seems to be the underlying theme in our first winter in the Bahamas). We picked a good spot to drop the hook last night as winds shifted overnight to put us in the lee of Manjack Cay. We watched, as the sun rose this morning, several boats move toward protection and comfort closer inside the night of Manjack Cay to escape the chop.

So…winds are expected to build throughout the day (around 25 knots). Our needs are to dinghy comfortably to two wrecks and the mangrove estuaries to get a look st some underwater sea life. We don’t need to move (re-Anchor) to do it 😄.

We would have liked to get over (dinghy) to the reefs on the East (Atlantic) side of Manjack but winds aren’t good for that today (rough-out of the NE). Therefore, we will investigate two sunken barges in the Manjack bight and try to get a look at the sea turtles reportedly in the adjacent shallows.

Over & over again, we hear from other (more experienced) cruisers that the worst thing to have on a cruising boat is a schedule! Schedules begat frustration. Just go with it and enjoy what Mother Nature permits…today. The closest we should come to a schedule is “options.”

The sun has come out after a spectacular sunrise and our day of “options” begins!

Stay tuned!