Cruising Friends

We’ve been on our “new to us” cruising journey since September of 2017. We’ve travelled from the Chesapeake Bay to Florida and then through the Bahamas (Abacos, Eleuthera and Northern Exumas). The cruisers we have met along the way are just simply wonderful!

It’s true that a majority of the the cruising community is friendly, helpful, compassionate and look out for each other. We’ve met awesome folks that have helped us with our problems and we’ve been fortunate enough to pay it forward helping others. This vagabond-like community is quite diverse and, of course, resilient. We’ve met cruisers that live frugally and very green; some that have all of the luxuries of home aboard and many living in the spaces between luxury and necessity. The common denominator has been “how can we help?”  Thanks MV Kokomo (Jim and Meryl) for rescuing David’s MAC Book Cord from the lounge and inviting us aboard for a visit.

Some cruisers help without ever meeting face to face – like on the nightly Do-Little net (4045.0 USB) where a salty few gather over the SSB airwaves at 5:30 pm daily and just chat about their experiences at or in different places and under special circumstances. We’ learned so much, just by listening, and have recently begun to participate in these social nets to share knowledge we have learned as well. Thanks Kismet, Sea Change, Valkyrie, Sunny Side Up and many others that answer “newbie cruiser” questions and give sage advice on everything from weather observations and how to troubleshoot a radio – to fishing and anchoring in choice places during a blow. We look forward to becoming a regular on this net and to perhaps achieve a credential label as an expert in something.

Some cruisers, listening to the VHF radio, just pop up and ask how they can help when you are talking to someone else about a problem you may be trying to solve. Thanks SV Cabbie (Tom & Charlotte) – who got our engine running again after an air-locked fuel line in our injector system and then shared some fresh hogfish! Others, who were unable to help (at the time), we met later simply because they heard us and were close by so they just checked in on us to ensure we were OK. We were fortunate to meet Harry and Lizzy aboard SV Von YachtSki under just this circumstance and spent a few nights buddied up in anchorages in incredible places. We also got to try our first “raft up” with SV Von YachtSki to fill their fresh water tanks from our water maker. Good for them … and a learning experience for us – it went like clockwork and conditions were near perfect.

Some cruisers seem keep to themselves … but we (at an unobtrusive time) reach out as anchorage neighbors just to say hi and chat about the local area. If we get an answer, it often quickly evolves into an introduction, a visit and a new friendship! Thanks SV Colorado (Marium and Jovan) and SV Marie Elena (Nick) for saying hi back and allowing us to enjoy your company.

As new cruisers, we intend to be social and enjoy others that have an inclination to enjoy us. Thanks Pawsitive Lattitude (Joyce & Brian) for linking up (and re-linking up) with us and spending time together.

We’ve made a very special friend, early in our journey, with our own crew-mate Brandon who joined us as we departed the US for the Bahamas. Brandon has been a joy to have aboard and a major comedic influence aboard. A bright and jovial soul, Brandon made our days a bit brighter and our sail plan a lot better as he has been a great hand aboard. Unfortunately, Brandon must leave us soon and go back to the his profession as a Neuro-Psychologist. We will miss him dearly.

There are some new friends on the horizon. In a few short weeks, Brandon & David will leave SV Take Me There for the next chapter in their lives and Kimberly will travel back to the States on business while Steve & Gus remain aboard. We reached out through Cruisers Forum and found Frank and Jake who will fly into Nassau and join the boat for some Bahamas exploring so Steve doesn’t have to sit at a dock/marina and wait. We are excited to meet our new friends face to face and include their desires into our sail plan. This opportunity is win-win for both sides. We get to meet new people, avoid expensive marina costs and reposition the boat farther South while they get to sail & explore the Bahamas for the cost of a plane ticket. A pretty good deal all the way around!

We hope to make many new friends along the way regardless of whether we are on the “helped” or the helping end of the equation. Every cruiser has a unique story that is fascinating to us. We are now cruisers…it’s our mission to explore new stories, new places and share ours and others’ experiences to enrich our own lives.

So as the sun rises on another beautiful day in the Exumas, we are grateful for this lifestyle opportunity and the experiences it brings around every corner!

Stay Tuned…