The “Haul Out” Experience (2017)

We pulled SV Take Me There out for scheduled maintenance this May.  Just a few reflections on our time at Herrington Harbour North (Maryland-Chesapeake).  (You can watch some video of our haul-out on our You Tube Channel)

  1. Ups and downs – the ladder to our cockpit is 14 feet high – can’t count how many times we have forgotten a tool or widget and had to climb back up to get it from on board.
  2. No AC:  No water – no AC…it got hot!
  3. Contractor schedules:  What’s that!  Well…I guess “its a boat – it’s harder” applies to them too?  Always multiply by two the estimated finish date of contracted work!
  4. DIY for the best quality:  Nothing gets done to “your” standard.  Perhaps I am just particular?  It amazes me how many corners get cut at $100 per hour.  Perhaps its the $10 per hour labor hired?  All in all though, we have had a good experience with all contractors in the yard – they fixed what we asked them to…although we asked several times…good news is that this operation guaranties their work .
  5. Cats:  I’ve seen more cats in the yard than I have seen in my life – they are everywhere!…and people are feeding them to boot!  Haven’t seen a rodent – so I assume that the cats are on payroll.
  6. “M” for marine means 200% mark up:  There are many alternatives to buying from West Marine…do your research and save BIG.
  7. Hemorrhaging money: BOAT = Break Out Another Thousand!  We saved for it so the SHOCK was minimized and we are very glad someone was doing the work for us while we vacationed in Italy…but…back to the “contractor rule”…”if you only have a minute – it only takes a minute!”
  8. Second class citizens are on the hard:  When you are a “yard” patron…you can’t use the pool, have to beg for the bathroom & WiFi codes and the security guy runs around at night an shuts your power pedestal off while you are working late on the boat.
  9. …Did I mention it was hot?
  10. Ahhh – the sweet smell of the LAUNCH:  We couldn’t wait to get back in the water to our routine aboard

Although I may sound cynical in this post – all in all, our experience at Herrington Harbour North was good.  TJ (Tyler) Detailing got our 40 year old gel coat to shine.  Osprey Composits (JJ and Ellis) did a great job matching gel coat color for the nicks, gouges and scratches.  Phipps Boat Works (Buster & Robin Phipps) did a great job on the thru-hull replacement.  Chesapeake Marine Engineering (Auric and Spencer) built us a new exhaust system and refurbed our running gear. Peter Hartoft did our insurance survey and gave us a great report with only minor corrections to make.  A special thanks to Lucy at the HHN office for sticking with us and coordinating the work.  Thanks to all the great people that cared for SV Take Me There while she briefly dried out.