Another Plug for Our Hull Ultrasonics Device

Keeping your hull clean is a job all by itself. In June (2018) we had SV Take Me There’s bottom done during a haul out and put on a double coat of Trinidad Pro ablative. As some may remember, we installed an ultrasonic hull anti fouling system that cost us around $180 (and about 3 days of assembly). Today we dove on the hull in Green Turtle Cay (nearly 7 months later) and she is clean as a whistle – no hard growth!

The device we use is a pond algae control kit purchased from Jaycar which is a unique electronics website that, among other things, sells science project kits. We bought two kits made for controlling pond algae (then only $79 each). Now they sell a marine kit for around $249 (info below).

Ultrasonic Antifouling Kit for Boats. Catalog # KC5535 

We love this kit! Haven’t had a barnical issue on the hull since 2016! Do we get some in odd areas…sure, but not enough to count on two hands and only at the extreme range of the hull tweeters on a 53 foot boat. Our haul out video shows a clean hull after a full year in the Chesapeake…nothing but slime! Pretty sweet!

Next stop…Manjack Cay for some snorkeling, fishing, Ray watching and relaxing!

Stay Tuned!